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Water ioniser

I saw the strangest looking thing or rather, the strangest act with this strange thing being performed some time back. My friend filled a water-bottle with water (pretty obvious) and then after that, plugged in this strange-looking thing above. This thing began to emit lights from its LEDs and my friend just put it next to the bottle of water, the lights shining on it, and went on his way to do his work. I asked him what that device was. He said that it was  water ioniser.

Now I have never seen anything that looks like this in my life before. My friend told me that it costs about $1000. heck…that is a lot to pay for a device that emits LEDs. Had my friend been taken in by a snake-oil salesman? Had he been duped? I do not know for sure. All I can say is that this device just looks…strange.

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