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Singapore to drop F1 night race

Singapore has made the decision not to extend the Formula One Night Race in Singapore from 2017 onwards. I think it is a good decision too. To be honest, staging the night race was a real bloody drag and, not to mention expensive for the Singapore Government. Apparently, it cost about $150 million to host the race in Singapore and from the look of things, the numbers of people attending the race had been dwindling.

But the thing that pissed me off, big time, was Bernie Ecclestone hitting out at Singapore for dropping what he once hailed as “the jewel on the F1 crown”. Maybe he is feeling the pinch as Kuala Lumpur also wanted to drop the F1 race that is held in its Sepang Circuit. And when Bernie decided to hit back at Singapore, this is what he said

Yes, the Grand Prix has cost Singapore a lot of money, but we’ve also given them a lot of money. Singapore was suddenly more than just an airport to fly to or from somewhere. Now they believe they have reached their goal and they do not want a Grand Prix anymore

Yeah Bernie…sure. You made a cool $65 million everytime the race was held here. Give me a break will you. In any case, we Singaporeans gave you TEN freaking years of inconvenience, while the cars drove in circles polluting the air.

Thanks but no thanks. I am GLAD they decided to drop it. In any case, thanks to Onlineracedriver.com for the photo above

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