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Electrical timer for network router

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I did explain in an earlier post about how useful these electric timers are. In August, I faced an issue with one of my clients. They had a system that needed to be rebooted periodically or that system would “hang”. The devices were an AV switcher and a network router. That is the problem with these network routers…especially the consumer grade ones that cost less than $100. They will hang and need to be re-started periodically. So what I proposed was to go to the supermarket, buy a couple of these (they only cost about $10 each) and install them in the client’s premises. After I did that, I did not receive anymore calls. I set the timer to turn off the equipment at 0200 hrs and come on at 0600 hrs. So if you are looking for a solution, which is relatively inexpensive, this will help


Expensive food at McDonald’s Restaurant

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About three weeks ago, while we were Christmas shopping, my wife was feeling a bit thirsty so we decided to go to McDonald’s for a drink and some snacks. I did have a premonition that it was going to be expensive and I was right. Check out the bill above. $7.15 for an iced lemon tea and a large fries. Talk about highway robbery. We could have gone to our favourite coffeeshop and had a lovely iced coffee and toasted kaya bread for less than that! So remember guys. Forget about McDonald’s when you are getting snacks. Bloody highway robbery!

Noisy rack fans

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Ok picture this scenario. I have a client who has a 24U rack in his boardroom. In that rack sits a video conferencing unit. And like most server racks, there are fans on the top of it. Now. In a boardroom, these four fans can be noisy. But then again, the noise produced is part of what their function is, and that is to draw hot air out of the rack.

So the client calls us up and asks us to replace the fans because they are noisy. I told him that I will try. But I also told him that racks like these are meant for server rooms, not for quiet boardrooms. I told him that most boardrooms that I have come across have their video conferencing equipment in well-ventilated closets, not in server racks. So after installing 4 new fans, I found that it was just as noisy as before but I think the client as happy that there were 4 new fans so he approved it.

Sometimes, it just boggles the mind to try to understand just how some people think.

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Rest in peace Carrie Fisher

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And 2016 marches on, with more celebrity deaths. This time it was Carrie Fisher. She was famous for playing Princess Leia on Star Wars. Her death came days after she was reported to have suffered a heart attack on a flight from London to Los Angeles. She was only 60 years old. It is sad…really sad that she is gone. So much for another Star Wars with her in it. Rest in peace Carrie. You will be missed especially by all Star Wars fans

Semolina for sujee cake

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Semolina is a key ingredient for delicious Eurasian sujee cake. For a long time, it was difficult to find quality semolina. But just the other day, while at Mustafa, I managed to find these tins of semolina that my wife can use to make sujee cake. What my wife used to use last time was semolina in a bag that did not really taste very good. I dare say this one in the can is better. Gotta get some for her

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Rest in peace George Michael. You will be missed terribly!

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I woke up this morning to devastating news. George Michael, one of the two front-men of the 80s group Wham! and a successful solo artist, died at the age of 53. He was born as Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou in north London and sold more than 100 million albums throughout a career spanning almost four decades.

I remember his songs and spun them a lot as a DJ. Oh the girls, they went crazy over his good looks and his songs. I still have his single Careless Whisper. I think I will play it now.

Rest in peace George. You will be greatly missed. Looks like the curse of 2016 is still going on

CHIEF TV brackets

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My company has been using these CHIEF TV brackets for some time and I can vouch for their sturdiness and ease of mounting and unmounting the TVs. Many a time, I use generic brackets but the problem with generic brackets like these are a literal pain to set up because they are not straight sometimes, like the bracket I used to mount my TV. For industrial installs, these CHIEF brackets cannot be beat. Sure, they cost more but the quality you get is simply amazing. We have installed countless videowalls with these brackets and they have always held up true and sturdy. So if you are looking for great TV brackets, check out CHIEF

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