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Nalgene Oasis canteens

Back when I was in the army, we were given water bottles for our skeleton battle order, or SBO. Those water bottles were normally passed down from recruit to recruit and so we really needed to clean them before we used them. After my stint in the army, I used to use one of the water bottles to hold my water when I used to ride my bike. I used to put it in my backpack, marvelling the fact that my tough army water bottle could handle anything. I used it for quite a while until I came upon these Nalgene Oasis water bottles

These water bottles are the same size as my army water bottles and they can even take over the duties of my army water bottles. They are cleaner and they are also translucent so we can look through them to make sure that they are clean. I bought one of them and when I am not using it for hydration purposes while riding my bike, it serves to act like a water container in my kitchen, holding water that has been boiled. Of course, being plastic, it cannot hold hot water. I wait for the water to cool down in my electric kettle before I transfer it to this water bottle. And, I might add, it is relatively inexpensive. It only cost me about $12 for this.

I bought this at the Beach Road army market. If you want, you can still get it there. I might get another one soon because I am thinking of getting back into riding to keep fit.

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