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Nokia ACP-8U mobile phone charger

I have had this charger for about 10 years now…no…make it 9 years. I found it in 2007 and have been using it ever since to charge a couple of the two Nokia mobile phones that I have left. Just the other day, I wanted to find out the reason why it could not charge my phones well. I found out that age had taken its toll on this charger. It was now putting out 6 volts instead of the stipulated 5.3 volts that it was supposed to give out. Not good, I thought, as I wistfully threw it away. It has been with me for quite a while and that is why I felt that way but I cannot risk any damage to my Nokia phones, especially my Nokia 101. Luckily I still have some NOS (new old stock) Nokia chargers so I may have to use those to charge up my mobile phones.

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