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The fear of public speaking

I have seen many people freeze when they have to address a live audience. Maybe that is the reason why many of these people attend these toastmaster sessions. Maybe it is their way of getting over the fear of talking to an audience or maybe those sessions teaches one how to avoid being tongue-tied.

That being said, I just wish DJs nowadays could use the microphone a bit more. When we first started out, the microphone was a part of you…you had to hype the crowd. The DJ in the past also had basic emcee-ing skills and many of the old-school DJs made for pretty good emcees when the occasion called for it.

So for those reading this post on my blog, remember, people are not there to eat you up. Do not be afraid of the audience, or the microphone for that matter. Take the mic and engage them. And to DJs nowadays, the mic is your friend..an extension of who you are. Use it!

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