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The original Peavey SP2 speakers

I still have a pair of the Peavey SP2ti speakers, which were the improvement over these oroginal SP2 speakers. Back in the 80s, many mobile discos had them. Oh sure, there were people who shunned them, saying that these speakers were cheap. Bu then again, most of the people who said this were simply snobs in my eye. These speakers could “handle the biz” as they say…and were not too expensive either. A two-way speaker, with an enclosure made out of plywood, sporting a 15-inch Black Widow speaker for the lows, a 22A driver with a horn for the highs. Many people who bought these speakers also bought the Peavey CS 800 amplifier to drive them. It was like a match-made in heaven literally!

I have used these speakers many times in the past. They did not disappoint. The may look old, jaded, far under-powered by today’s standards. But back then, when you are a kid running your own mobile disco, not having much money after spending all that money on vinyl, inexpensive speakers like these were a godsend. They were used as the disco speakers in the old NCO mess in Beach Road. Many places including churches and houses of worship had these very same speakers installed on their premises. Yep. Peavey had a winner with these SP2s

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