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Noisy rack fans

Ok picture this scenario. I have a client who has a 24U rack in his boardroom. In that rack sits a video conferencing unit. And like most server racks, there are fans on the top of it. Now. In a boardroom, these four fans can be noisy. But then again, the noise produced is part of what their function is, and that is to draw hot air out of the rack.

So the client calls us up and asks us to replace the fans because they are noisy. I told him that I will try. But I also told him that racks like these are meant for server rooms, not for quiet boardrooms. I told him that most boardrooms that I have come across have their video conferencing equipment in well-ventilated closets, not in server racks. So after installing 4 new fans, I found that it was just as noisy as before but I think the client as happy that there were 4 new fans so he approved it.

Sometimes, it just boggles the mind to try to understand just how some people think.

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