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ASUS 19-volt router power supply

A few days back, on the eve of the eve of the new year, one of my clients had a problem with their ASUS wireless router. So we took the router back to the office and  checked it. Router was fine but the power supply was dead. So I thought ok, no worries, let us get a compatible power supply and fix it. Then it hit me. Upon checking the dead power supply, I found out that the bloody thing was 19 volts DC.

I started to think to myself. Bloody hell. 19 volts? Where am I going to get an adapter like that? I had heaps of 12 volt DC power supplies and most of the Linksys routers (well, actually not all of them) take in a 12 volt power supply. The only power supply that give out 19 volts are the power supplies used by notebooks. How in the heck was I going to solve that?

So what I did was to come back home to check my spare parts box. I knew I had a spare power supply in there somewhere that I did not use anymore. So I took out an old HP one. Too bad. 20 volts. I took out an old Lenovo one but it was 18.5 volts. So I dug deeper and found an old ASUS one, rated at 19 volts. Where that one came from, I have no idea. I must have picked it up from somewhere. So I cut off the cable from the dead power supply and “grafted” it to the ASUS laptop power supply I found. Plugged it into the router and it worked a treat!

Moral of the story? Keep old junk. You never know when it might come in useful someday. As for ASUS, shame on you for making power adapters that break down like that.

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