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Malaysia banning “kap chai” motorbikes in Kuala Lumpur

These 50cc Honda Cub motorcycles are very popular in places like Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam. In Vietnam, they are everywhere and I can say that these little motorcycles do their job transporting tradesmen and others around. As a matter of fact, in places like Indonesia, many of these double up as motorcycle taxis. So I read with some concern in the free rag TodayOnline about Malaysia banning these bikes in Kuala Lumpur. According to the article, the Federal Territories Minister Adnan Mansor was quoted by The Star as saying that the government may prohibit these motorcycles and other commuters from driving into the capital city once public transportation reaches a more reasonable price. While he acknowledged that low-income workers rely heavily on small capacity motorcycles for transportation, he said many cities in the world have banned the motorcycle. The minister said his ministry had mooted the idea to help reduce carbon emissions.

Yes I agree Mr Adnan, cutting down on these will reduce carbon emissions but how about other vehicles? All vehicles have carbon emissions where the bigger the vehicle, the more it emits. How are these tradesmen going to go about their business. Electric bikes? Not a bad idea but how about charging stations when these bikes run low on battery power?

Don’t know how this issue is going to end up. All I can say is that this method of transportation is cheap and will hurt tradesmen immensely.

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