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Gemini ES-210MXBLU portable PA system

I can safely say that nowadays, portable PA systems designs copy mostly the Yamaha Stagepas or the JBL one (the name escapes me). But even the JBL one is based on the Stagepas so I can safely say that the design began with Yamaha. This Gemini ES-210MXBLU portable PA system goes one additional step further by not just copying the JBL 210p (finally got the name) portable PA system but takes part of the JBL’s model number as well! In any case, this is what this offering from Gemini is able to, uh, offer:

  • Ultra lightweight and extremely compact
  • Integrated MP3 player with connections for USB, SD, and Bluetooth
  • 2-way high power passive PA speaker
  • 600W peak, 150W RMS Class D built-in amplifier
  • 10” LF woofer with 2” voice coil
  • Pure Titanium 1” HF compression driver
  • Wide dispersion horn with forward firing bass reflex ports
  • ABS impact resistant nylon fiber cabinet
  • 8 channel powered mixer with on board digital echo effect
  • Individual bass, treble, effects and volume controls for 4 line/mic inputs
  • 1 microphone included
  • 15V phantom power for capacitance microphones
  • All needed cables included
  • Top and side handles for easy carrying
  • Flyable & Stand mountable

This is what the mixer looks like, at a glance. It does not have the simple layout of the Yamaha Stagepas but I suppose it will work ok. I like the fact that they actually “admitted” that the phantom power is only 15V. Yamaha does not admit that. I found out by myself. I do not really in specs because companies have the tendency to exaggerate performance and Gemini is no stranger to that.

I have read a couple of bad reviews online about this product. Anything from being extremely low-powered and bad quality control. One person said that the catch mechanism for the mixer to snap to the back of the mixer broke off pretty easily. So as one can see, you do get what you pay for. It costs about SGD$500 thereabouts, half the price of a brand new Stagepas. As usual, you get what you pay for.

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