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Strange audio setup at a roadshow

I was at a rather popular shopping centre and I happened t notice the setup of the sound system for a roadshow below me. I found this pretty strange. For one, the speakers were jacked up pretty high. Secondly, look at the sound console. The mixer has a wireless mic receiver plonked right on it. I thought most of these things were racked but I think I know why they did that. First of all, the roadshow presenter needs to roam around but if that receiver was in the rack, along with its tiny antennas, the signal would drop out. Scenario number two could be that the original wireless mics were probably out of order and so they used an emergency one and seeing that the rack was covered up, they just plugged it on top. In any case for most roadshows, all you need is an output for the mic and a sound source like a plugged-in iPad for music. So it looks like having a receiver on top of this 16-channel Yamaha mixer should not be a problem

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