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Postage stamps from the SAM machine

Yesterday, while I was preparing to send a warranty card, for something I purchased, via snail mail, I realised that I needed some stamps. It used to be that one bought stamps from the post office. They used to be sold in a booklet and you could buy a booklet of ten stamps for 20 cents each. The cost has now “ballooned” to 30 cents each. But yesterday, being Sunday, the post office was closed. So I went to a Singapore post SAM machine, which is like a self-service machine, much like an ATM, except that it does things like weigh parcels, dispense stamps and the like

So I bought ten local stamps, each costing about 30 cents, as mentioned previously. After paying via NETS, the machine said “printing stamps” And print they did. I could hear a printer whirring away in the bowels of the machine and before you know it, ten stamps were printed. Those are the printed stamps above. Interesting!

Oh…and by the way. When the stamps are printed, they fall on a dispensing tray. Make sure you count the stamps as some may be left on the dispensing tray. Yes. They are small and relatively easy to miss.

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