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Extron P/2 DA1 Peaker

We have all had that time when we have tried to connect our PC, especially a laptop, to a projector located quite far away. Or, we have a projector on the ceiling and the VGA cable is too long. When that happens, the picture that is finally being presented may not be the best of quality. So what do you use? You use this Extron P/2 DA1, aka The Peaker. What it is is actually a booster of sort, powered by the USB port on your laptop. It is relatively small so it fits nicely in your pocket. You connect one end to your laptop’s VGA socket and the other side to the VGA cable linking to the projector or display. This will help to transmit a beautiful picture. So get one now. You can pick them up pretty inexpensive on Ebay and the like. I have one and it works a treat!

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