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Yet another failed Linksys router

A couple of weeks back, one of my clients called me up and asked us to fix his touchpanel. Apparently, the touchpanel was not working…no communication with the processor. When I arrived at the premises, I found out that the Linksys WRT54G wireless router was dead. As you can see above, all four lights were on…and there was no response from the router. So we replaced the router with a new one and all was ok

Now with this router. Normally these routers last a long time but then again, this is a consumer-grade router and it would have been better to put in an industrial grade one. We replaced it with another consumer grade router, a Linksys E1300 so it is only a matter of time before that router dies. I wonder if this Linksys router is repairable. I tried to reset it but it would not work. But all is not lost. I came across this post here and they say that they managed to fix it. So I will try it when I have some time

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