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Rest in peace Joni Sledge

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Looks like 2017 is surely shaping itself up to what 2016 was, robbing us of quality and great entertainers. Today it was Joni Sledge, the founder of the group Sister Sledge. Sister Sledge formed in 1971 and went on to record such hits as “We Are Family,” “He’s the Greatest Dancer,” “Frankie” and more. The Grammy-nominated “We Are Family,” released in 1979, peaked at No. 2 on the Hot 100; the song also topped the R&B and disco charts. The album of the same name reached No. 3 on the Billboard 200.

Rest in peace Joni. You are surely up there with a whole host of others who left us last year, and this year. You will be missed,


Arsenal fans calling for Wexit aka “Wenger Out”

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I saw this on ESPN and I am having mixed feelings. I am not an Arsenal fan. never have been. However, as  fan of Manchester United, I have seen what happens when fans bay for the manager’s blood. “Arsene Wenger, you’re killing our club!” is what they say. Has he really? Considering the fact that he is now one of the longest-serving managers in the Premier League and has bags of experience. Granted. The club have been sputtering of late but hey, it does take two hands to clap. It is not entirely the manager’s fault. The players need to shoulder some of the blame too. All I can say to the Arsenal fans are: be careful what you wish for. You might just get it.

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Rubbish in the lift landing

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Sometimes when I take the lift (or elevator as it is called in some countries), I always see the landing full of rubbish. I always wonder…would I see this in countries like Japan? Or Europe? Probably not. I wonder if it was difficult for whoever who left it there to take the rubbish down to the big rubbish centre below. Because in the end, someone has to clear it…and most of the time it is the cleaners. I once caught someone leaving rubbish there and when I asked them why they are leaving the rubbish there, they just ignored my question, not even daring to look at me.

That is why I say, and I keep saying it, a gracious society is not going to happen in my lifetime.

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