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Lawrence Wong and the HDB issue

This fellow Lawrence Wong is a real work of art. He warned people not to assume that all old HDB flats will be automatically eligible for the Selective En bloc Redevelopment Scheme, or SERS. Apparently, he said that for the vast majority of HDB flats, the leases will eventually run out, and the flats will be returned to HDB, who will in turn have to surrender the land to the State.

So much for the political party he is a member of. Didn’t they say that owning a HDB flat was to own a slice of Singapore, or something to that effect?

Never mind that. This fellow also stated that public parking charges in Singapore were lower than in other cities worldwide, and might have to be raised.

Yeah buddy. Other political figures have lower salaries. Why don’t we start by lowering your salary to match theirs?

Sometimes you have to wonder into how people like these ever get elected. To those fellas who voted for the PAP and are complaining, see below:

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