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Water heater in coffeeshop

Whenever we want to have a hot cup of coffee at home, we always put the kettle on to boil the water for it. That is all well and good but how about coffeeshops? Well, they use a water heater, a heater that keeps the water piping hot. I have been to some older coffeeshops, like Heap Seng Leong, where the water is kept on the boil always by a slow fire under a container of water. This coffeeshop uses a water heater which is in fact a big, rectangular kettle. You can also see the “coffee socks” that the guy that makes the coffee uses. Because of the heat of the heater, the socks are washed and put near the heater to try, making use of the heat emanating from the heater. I wonder what the electricity consumption of this heater is. Heaters consume copious amounts of electricity.

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