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Soteco industrial vacuum cleaner

I have been using this industrial vacuum cleaner these past few days. I am the project manager of a project and the interior decorator cum main contractor put this vacuum cleaner there for our use. It is a good vacuum and does the job exceedingly well. It does not need S-Bags like the Philips vacuum cleaner I have at home. All it has is one conical filter under the blue “head” there which houses the motor. The greater part of the white enclosure is just that…an enclosure to trap all the rubbish.

When I started using it yesterday, the suction was very weak. So I took the blue head off, extracted the conical filter and proceeded to give it a good dusting down. I tell you, the amount of dust that fell off it was simply mind-boggling. Anyhow, after dusting off the filter, I put it back in the white housing, latched the head back on and what a difference! It was working like a charm!

I really have to see if I can get an industrial vacuum for the house. Given the high cost of those bloody S-Bags that my vacuum uses, I bet I could pay off the cost of one of these!

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