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Cadbury caramel eggs

30/04/2017 Leave a comment

Every Easter, without fail, my family would meet up for lunch and we would have a great time. One of the activities done during that lunch would be to give token gifts of chocolate to each other. One of the chocolate gifts that I got from my aunt and mum, by some coincidence, was these caramel eggs. Cadbury used to make these chocolate eggs with a disgusting white filling but I was pleasantly surprised to get these caramel eggs. They were delicious, better than those other Cadbury eggs in the past. I think I may have become addicted to these because I have been wolfing them down daily!

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North Korea launches missile that blew up

29/04/2017 Leave a comment

It was all in the news today that North Korea launched a missile today but it did not last for very long in the air. Apparently, it blew up shortly after launch. While the whole world may be laughing gleefully at North Korea for having technology that fails, like this missile, let us have a better look at this from a more sober view.

What if this missile test was just to tease the US and the world, sorta like those kids that ring doorbells and run away? What if this missile was quite capable of doing its devastating work? For all we know, that is what North Korea wants the world to think that their missile technology is not that great. That may seem the greatest reason, now that the eyes of the world are fastened on North Korea. Or maybe even, they wanted too get flight data from the missile after launch and after they got their data, they destroyed it

The problem is that very little is known about North Korea and the way they think. They are like dogs backed into a corner and that mad kid Kim will not hesitate to create a hole in the world with a nuclear bomb if he has to. I hope that he comes to his senses and I hope that happpens soon. War never helped anything or anybody.

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Posh camping

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I saw this picture online and I thought to myself…why even bother? It is called “glamping” aka glamour camping. That being said, I thought that camping was a way of roughing it out?To get away from the comforts of home? Apparently not, judging from what I see in this picture. This is strange indeed and you will not find me doing anything like this anytime soon!

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Gary Lim belittling a taxi driver

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It was all over social media. This fella, Gary Lim, used a large stash of cash to taunt a taxi driver, who could be heard trying to defuse the situation and asking the man to let him go. According to the taxi driver, the passenger had quarrelled with his girlfriends in the taxi and was venting his frustrations on the older man, the taxi driver. And to add insult to injury, he took out a wad of 1000 dollar notes, taunted the taxi driver, and said that is the reason why he is a taxi-driver and cannot achieve much. And this is coming from a fella who is a second-generation owner of a chicken rice stall. This is the fella below:

Karma can be a bitch Gary. Pride goes before a fall.

********** EDITOR’S NOTE on 30th April **********

According to this report in The Straits Times, Gary Lim apologised for his actions to the taxi driver concerned. This is an excerpt of the report:

Mr Gary Lim, who is the boss of The Yang’s Traditional Hainanese Chicken Rice, incurred the wrath of netizens recently when a video went viral of him blocking a taxi driver’s way and telling him that he “cannot do big things” as he is a taxi driver.

Mr Lim, 37, has since apologised to the taxi driver, a 33-year-old who is identified only by his surname, Sun. To show his remorse, Mr Lim’s outlets at 8 Braddell Road and 562 Serangoon Road will prepare 200 packets of chicken rice – 100 per outlet – for taxi drivers on Tuesday (May 2), Shin Min Daily News reported on Sunday (April 30).

Due to space constraints, and so as to let more people enjoy the food, each taxi driver will get one packet and only takeaways will be possible.

Mr Lim apologised to Mr Sun on Saturday (April 29) evening during a phone conversation, which ended with Mr Sun wishing Mr Lim well, adding that he hoped they could move on from the incident.

 Speaking in Mandarin, Mr Lim said: “I want to apologise. I drank too much and said some senseless things. But I had no intention of harming you. Frankly, I was quite rash, I said things I shouldn’t have said, and hope you can accept my apology.”

To this, Mr Sun replied: “I feel this apology isn’t an issue, in fact I didn’t take (the incident) to heart. I’m already at peace. But before I formally accept your apology, I want to let you know that no matter what problem a person faces in life, he should not vent his anger on others.”

“You are a grown man, not a child,” Mr Sun added. “So I hope you’ll treat this as a lesson, keep moving forward, become more amicable, and not look down on other people’s jobs. Whether you are a cleaner, or a big boss, I feel this is a question of basic respect towards others.”

Maybe he realised that the negative publicity was hurting his chicken rice business or maybe he realised that it was the right thing to do. In any case, all I can say is…I have been drunk before but I would never belittle anyone.

SSD prices are currently crazy

27/04/2017 Leave a comment

SSD prices are crazy now. I wanted to do an upgrade of my old Dell N5050 laptop but because of the price of SSDs, I had to reuse my old SSD, a Samsung Evo 840. The problem is, the shortage of NAND in 2017 caused the prices to soar…and I am seeing it when I go to Sim Lim and check the prices. Way too high!

However, looks like things are going to change. As I read from this article here:

According to Trendfocus, SSD pricing has jumped by as much as 36 percent in some places. The market research firm expects that price increases will be the norm throughout the rest of 2017, but once 2018 rolls around, prices could go into a free fall and return to where they were before they started rising in the first place.

That is good news. I might get an SSD for my old home computer. Then again, my old home computer is due for a change, and a change it will be…soon.

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Quirky Powercurl

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I bought this Quirky (what a name) Powercurl for my Macbook Pro adapter a few days back…say about a week back. I am now more confident about handling my Macbook power adapter with no fear of the delicate thing breaking. This is really an ingenious product and the price I paid for it is much less than it would cost me to buy a new Apple Magsafe adapter. So I would recommend this to everyone who has a Macbook. They have different sizes for different adapters.

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Broken OFO bike

25/04/2017 Leave a comment

I came across a broken OFO bike this evening while I was in the Jalan Sultan area. OFO Bike is a company from china that makes rental bikes, like this one. It looks like this bike has a broken handlebar. In any case, I made a report to OFO on their Facebook page but in case they did not see it, I hope that they see this blogpost in the least

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