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Singapore High Court cuts jail terms for City Harvest Church leaders

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This image has been going around via WhatsApp and I really do not know who to credit it with. All I can say that it is bloody brilliant. What is it about actually? Well, the Singapore High Court reduced the State Court’s sentence of City Harvest Church’s founder and pastor, Kong Hee, to 3 years and 6 months, from eight years previously. The sentences of 5 other CHC leaders were also reduced. Today’s hearing was the culmination of a five-day appeal heard last September by a panel presided by three judges, namely Judge of Appeal Chao Hick Tin and Justices Woo Bih Li and Chan Seng Onn.

All I can say is, you reap what you sow.


Grass-cutting machine motor

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I have always been amazed at the small motors of these crass-cutting machines, even while I was still a young lad. I have actually seen motors like these mounted on boats in Thailand. From what I can see, this is probably a two-stroke motor that uses petrol with 2T oil. As you can see, there us a backpack harness for it. At one time, these grass-cutting machines used exposed, rotary blades but there was always a danger. Stones could be thrown up by these blades. So what they changed to were discs with replaceable nylon strings. That did the job too. I might buy one of these to cut the grass in my mum’s garden.