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United Airlines drag passenger off an overbooked plane

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This video has been going viral the whole of today. It was all over the news. This video of a United Airlines passenger being dragged from his seat and bloodied on an overbooked Sunday flight at O’Hare International Airport racked up millions of views and got many apoplectic with rage. For United Airlines, the video prompted questions about why United didn’t try harder to fix the situation rather than the CEO apologising afterward for having to “re-accommodate” passengers. I tell you, this video is going to do “wonders” for their reputation. Looks like United Airlines are going to take quite some time to recover from this.


War could be looming in the Korean peninsular

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This photo sent chills down my spine. It looks like President Trump is making good his threat to take North Korea to task. According to this article in the New York Times:

WASHINGTON — The commander of American forces in the Pacific has ordered an aircraft carrier and several other warships toward the Korean Peninsula in a show of force by the Trump administration just days after North Korea tested another intermediate-range missile.

The officer, Adm. Harry B. Harris Jr., the head of the military’s Pacific Command, diverted the aircraft carrier Carl Vinson and its wing of fighter jets from a planned series of exercises and port calls in Australia, the command said in a statement. The Vinson and three guided-missile destroyers and cruisers steamed out of Singapore on Saturday for their new mission in the Western Pacific.

Rerouting the naval armada is President Trump’s latest escalation in force against a potential adversary. Mr. Trump ordered a cruise missile strike last week against a Syrian military air base in retaliation for a chemical weapons attack by the Syrian government that killed scores of civilians.

The thing that makes me jittery is the fact that the dictator of North Korea is, how do I put it, two cans short of a six pack. He just might retaliate with his nuclear arsenal. It is like a dog or a lion being backed into a corner. He will fight back with all things necessary. I sincerely hope that it does not come to this