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North Korea launches missile that blew up

It was all in the news today that North Korea launched a missile today but it did not last for very long in the air. Apparently, it blew up shortly after launch. While the whole world may be laughing gleefully at North Korea for having technology that fails, like this missile, let us have a better look at this from a more sober view.

What if this missile test was just to tease the US and the world, sorta like those kids that ring doorbells and run away? What if this missile was quite capable of doing its devastating work? For all we know, that is what North Korea wants the world to think that their missile technology is not that great. That may seem the greatest reason, now that the eyes of the world are fastened on North Korea. Or maybe even, they wanted too get flight data from the missile after launch and after they got their data, they destroyed it

The problem is that very little is known about North Korea and the way they think. They are like dogs backed into a corner and that mad kid Kim will not hesitate to create a hole in the world with a nuclear bomb if he has to. I hope that he comes to his senses and I hope that happpens soon. War never helped anything or anybody.

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