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Fischer anchor bolts

31/05/2017 Leave a comment

About a week ago, while walking around a building site, I came across this box of anchor bolts, made by a company named Fischer. These look much better in quality and strength than the other anchor bolts that I had been using before in my various install projects. Looks like I gotta be getting these quality ones from Fischer for my other projects. Looks great and I am sold on them!


When condensed milk is not really condensed milk

30/05/2017 Leave a comment

I was at a coffeeshop near my workplace, having lunch when I noticed this can on the table. Lots of coffeeshops do that. They recycle old cans and make them into ashtrays for the smoking section. As I was eating, I read the contents of this Marigold “beverage sweetener” in the ingredients. Looks like there are only milk solids inside, along with a whole host of other “ingredients”. I wonder. Is that what it is now? Virtual condensed milk?

Updated to MacOS Sierra

29/05/2017 Leave a comment

I have been meaning to do it for sometime but it was only yesterday that I updated to MacOS Sierra. I kept putting it off because my broadband connection in my home was agonisingly slow and if I had started downloading the new OS, no one else in the house can use the network at all. But yesterday was also the day when I upgraded my home broadband connection and now, everything is fast…blazingly fast.

In any case, back to MacOS Sierra. I tried everything and it is pretty stable. I also thought, since I updated to MacOS Sierra, why not upgrade my Serato DJ to version 1.9.6? That I did too and tried that out as well. No issues there and it seems pretty stable. Still…I am keeping Serato DJ 1.9.2 handy…just in case!

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SurgeX surge protector and power sequencer

28/05/2017 Leave a comment

About a week back, I installed a SurgeX sequencer at a client’s place. The reason why we did so is because some of the installed equipment needed to be started up in a certain order. There are four power banks built into this unit. The beauty of this SurgeX is that when it starts up, you can set the start-up time between the banks, up to a maximum of 20 seconds. So technically, if you set 20 seconds between the start-up of the power banks, it will tae you a minute before the last bank starts up

While this is very good, it sure cannot beat the APC Switched Rack PDU, a piece of equipment which I rate very highly. That too has several banks of electric outlets but that one can be set to start in any way you want. Come to think of it, maybe that one would have been better for this client

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Extron DA 6A audio distribution amplifier

27/05/2017 Leave a comment

I recently came into possession of this yesterday while digging through some spares that I had at work. Description-wise, this Extron DA 6A is a distribution amplifier for distributing stereo audio. It includes one input and six outputs on captive screw connectors for balanced/unbalanced stereo audio. This will be very useful for audio deployments for some of the parties and events that I supply audio equipment to. Just have to make some XLR connectors and I will be set!


Sugee cookies at Indian Muslim coffeeshops

26/05/2017 Leave a comment

Sometimes, when I can, I always drop by an Indian Muslim coffeeshop near my workplace to have a snack. It is normally a cup of ginger tea and a snack. They have everything from savoury snacks to these sugee biscuits. It is quite difficult to explain the taste of these delicious cookies to people who have not tried them before but all I can say is that they are really delicious. The cookies I am referring to are the cookies at the left of the photo above. The other cookies on the right and the middle I have yet to try but I am pretty sure that they are good as well. I always make it a point to get a ginger tea and a biscuit for teatime around 4 pm

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Ajax – 0 Manchester United – 2

25/05/2017 Leave a comment

The final was held in Stockholm and saw two sublime goals. One in the 16th minute by Pogba and one shortly after half-time by Henrikh Mkhitaryan. Two splendid goals in this Europa League final make it Champions League soccer next year. And not only that. In winning 2-0 we could set a record that rivals Liverpool will never be able to beat. Because with United’s Europa League success, we have become just the fifth team in European football history to win all three of the continent’s major trophies – the European Cup/Champions League, the UEFA Cup/Europa League and the Cup Winners’ Cup.

We did it! Glory Glory Manchester United