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Empty shopping malls in Singapore

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I got this picture from Mothership and the picture was taken by Lim Weixiang. It shows how bad the shopping centres are in Singapore. Most shops are empty and tenants of other open shops are concerned. But do you know who should be blamed for this? Easy. The Internet and the greedy landlords.

It was about 4 years ago when I was setting up a sound system for a restaurant. The owner of the restaurant, who came from Hong Kong, was bemoaning the expensive rents one had to pay here to the landlords. Apparently, the landlords here have a “take it or leave it” attitude as far as rent prices are concerned. Also, another thing is the prices of the car-parks here in Singapore. Just the other day while I was at Ocean Financial Centre to visit a client, just for a couple of hours, the car-park charges came up to $14!

As for the Internet, check out Qoo10, Carousell and the other blog-shops online. You can get your shopping done online and delivered to your house. You do not have to go into town. I do most of my shopping this way and I suspect many others do too.

So hopefully this gives a wake-up call to all those greedy and conniving landlords. Lower your rent. You do not have to charge a sky-high price for it. You are pricing yourselves out of the market and when people do not rent your premises, it is your own fault.