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48v phantom power adapter

OK you lot. This is what I face and I am wondering if I should carry out this plan. One of my clients has a condenser mic that he wants to connect to a soundbar. Don’t ask me why he wants to do that. I find t a strange request as well but that is what he requested for. The condenser mic concerned is a boundary mic and I want to power up that boundary mic with this phantom power adapter. The only issue I have is whether this phantom adapter above works. It is made in China and I can find it online on Aliexpress for as little as US$20. The thing is, another reason why I am thinking of getting this is also because there are some tiny mixers that can only dish out about 15v of phantom power…hardly enough for some condenser mics. So this would be a welcome addition to my arsenal of audio tools. Or perhaps, I should get one made by a more reputable brand. Hmmm…

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