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Facebook Open Computer Project server

Some time back, in a previous post, I showed you the server used by Google, and how I was happy with the fact that they chose to use all off-the-shelf components in their servers. It is almost as if they were telling us that we could do it ourselves like them. Much time has passed since I wrote that old article. Check out the next generations of servers, this time used by Facebook. Many are adopting the OCP or Open Compute Project, using ODMs (Original Design Makers) to manufacture for them. Dell and HP have offerings that are not relevant to them. One example quoted was that the plastic bezel in front of HP’s and Dell’s offerings impede airflow and thus, are not very efficient.

I am excited for this. Looks like the way to go as far as servers are concerned. Looks like if push comes to shove, this might be a viable option.

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