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Sound-system for a small pub

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One of my friends opened up a small pub in the Katong area and I went down to it a couple of weeks back to check it out. It was a small pub with a moderately good sound-system. He had settled for the Delta Audio brand for his pub. Now that brand is pretty famous in Singapore. Many small event companies here in Singapore use their speakers and sound-systems because they are relatively inexpensive, and do the job. But many sound suppliers are lamenting the fact that Delta Audio speakers are trash and their speakers are copies of the Nexo PS series speakers.

In any case, the only thing I could see as far the sound system was concerned, besides the two 12″ speakers fastened to the corners of the pub near the ceiling, was this Delta Audio mixer below:


Now I am very particular about my mixers. Mixers are the heart of the system. Mixers can be the difference between what sounds good and what sounds bad in the system. I had used Delta Audio speakers and amplifiers before but I had never used their mixers so I cannot really speak up for them. But then again, all my friend was using of this mixer was hooking up an old iPad to the mixer, using a Y-cable. Spotify was playing all the songs and I must say that the $10 subscription fee he pays to Spotify each month seems pretty worth it. I finally managed to see the amplifier that was powering his speakers. It was a Delta Audio A-series amplifier and it was stacked under the mixer in a cabinet. The sound? Well, all I can say that it sounded very clear and I was very pleased with it. You do get extra bass when you place your speakers in corners and I think that my friend took advantage of that.

If I had advice to give to any other people who are setting up a small bar, and want a sound-system that will not break the bank, check out the Wharfedale Pro one that I posted above. It costs less than $900 and it includes a powered mixer and two 12″ speakers. It should do the job with more than enough music power to drive the place.


The new Petya ransom-ware malware

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This made the news yesterday. Seems that quite a few people and corporations were hit by it. The only thing is, unlike WannaCry, the encrypted files by this piece of ransom-ware is irreversible. So if you see this on your computer, you are fucked. Even paying that exorbitant Bitcoin amount will not help you.

This malware began in The Ukraine and it spread. Some big corporations like Maersk Line were hit by it. If you want to prevent it, patch your systems. Download the latest patches and patch your systems as soon as possible. Oh, and another thing, backup your files. You have been warned.

Thanks to for the picture above

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The Eco-Cooler, a powerless “air-conditioner”

28/06/2017 1 comment


This idea came from an inventor in Bangladesh, according to what I read in this website. Apparently, nothing beats the scorching temperatures residents of Bangladesh experience, and air conditioning is simply not an option for most people living in rural areas. Most of these people live in houses made of zinc and tin. It becomes like a greenhouse in there. So this bloke named Ashis Paul came up with this idea. It is pretty simple to make apparently. Just use some recycled plastic bottles, with the end lopped off, and fasten it to a board with holes in it, pictured above. When the board is mounted, the wider part of the bottles faces outward and catches the passing wind, literally funneling cool air into the building’s interior. The video below shows what it is all about. I must say that it is a fantastic idea!

My experience with Windows 10 so far

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Well I got my wife a new Dell Inspiron 14 3462 laptop that was running on Windows 10 and I can honestly say that I prefer Windows 7 a whole lot better. I feel sad that Windows 7 will reach the end of its life in 2020. This is exactly the same feeling I had when Windows XP reached its untimely end-of-life, from what I feel.

Why do I feel that way about Windows 10? Well, for starters, it is clunky, takes ages to load and the updates just download pretty damn slow. I have upgraded the Internet connection in my house to a faster one and while it is faster with a lot of stuff, for Windows 10, downloading updates seems to take forever…and a day. And it is not only the uploads. When I swapped the disk for an SSD…an 80Gb SSD, that had no issues with Windows 7, I was in for a very rude shock. The SSD, after the install of Windows 10, was almost full up! That is why I feel that Windows 10 is full of bloatware, bloatware that I certainly do not need. Another thing is that Windows 7 ran fine on 4Gb of RAM. Windows 10, on the other hand, ran like a fly in molasses on 4Gb of RAM

But then again, if you want to make Windows your main operating system for your laptop, I am afraid that you have no other recourse, by the looks of it. It has to be Windows 10. So we either get used to it or switch to Linux.

Tanker explosion in Pakistan kills over a hundred

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This is the remains of a fuel tanker that exploded in Pakistan…on Hari Raya Puasa no less. Apparently, the driver of the fuel tanker lost control of the vehicle and ran off the road near a rural village, on June 25. Villagers had gathered around the tanker to collect the spilled fuel when it exploded. Apparently, all that is or rather was left of the tanker and the bodies were some charred remains. This is really sad as it marked a day of grief for what should be a day of festivities…just to grab free fuel.

Thanks to CNN for the picture and the news story.

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Entertainment at Johore Bahru outdoor eating places

26/06/2017 2 comments

About a week ago, some friends and I went to Johore Bahru. We went there to get some groceries and to eat. We selected one of the many outdoor eating places to have our food. I went for a Ramly Burger that was very nicely cooked and my friends bought their own food. But the best thing had to be the entertainment. Just next to the table I was sitting at, there was this screen upon which they were screening movies from the cable network. The show being shown was Spectre. All I can say is, dinner was a very enjoyable experience. I doubt they can do the same in Singapore. The copyright police would come down hard on any eating establishment that does try to do that!

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Selamat Hari Raya Aidul Fitri 2017

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Like to wish all my friends, family and colleagues a Selamat Hari Raya Aidul Fitri.

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