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Rexy Onkyo DM-399 UHF wireless mics

About a week back, I was present at a new audio “trial” ceremony where the user, or in this case, client, was testing out various wireless mics to see which one suited him best. All of them were rather unknown, made-in-China type of receivers and transmitters. When he tested this one, he asked me for my opinion and I told him that this one had the best sound. I looked at the brand. Rexy Onkyo. Model was a DM-399. I remember that brand. My very first microphone was a Rexy Onkyo mic and from what I know, it still survives to this day and is still as good.

Very little is known about this wireless microphone admittedly. I do know for a fact that it performed well in the tests and sounded pretty good. It is a good mic for karaoke, where speech is not an important factor compared to drunk karaoke singers singing in B-flat minor. What I know about it is that it has a balanced output, in fact, a couple of balanced outputs along with an unbalanced output. I know that it cannot be compared with the good quality Shure and Sennheisers but it does have its place in the lower-grade audio world of karaoke lounges.

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