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My experience with Windows 10 so far

Well I got my wife a new Dell Inspiron 14 3462 laptop that was running on Windows 10 and I can honestly say that I prefer Windows 7 a whole lot better. I feel sad that Windows 7 will reach the end of its life in 2020. This is exactly the same feeling I had when Windows XP reached its untimely end-of-life, from what I feel.

Why do I feel that way about Windows 10? Well, for starters, it is clunky, takes ages to load and the updates just download pretty damn slow. I have upgraded the Internet connection in my house to a faster one and while it is faster with a lot of stuff, for Windows 10, downloading updates seems to take forever…and a day. And it is not only the uploads. When I swapped the disk for an SSD…an 80Gb SSD, that had no issues with Windows 7, I was in for a very rude shock. The SSD, after the install of Windows 10, was almost full up! That is why I feel that Windows 10 is full of bloatware, bloatware that I certainly do not need. Another thing is that Windows 7 ran fine on 4Gb of RAM. Windows 10, on the other hand, ran like a fly in molasses on 4Gb of RAM

But then again, if you want to make Windows your main operating system for your laptop, I am afraid that you have no other recourse, by the looks of it. It has to be Windows 10. So we either get used to it or switch to Linux.

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