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AKG D880 dynamic mic

My office was clearing out some old stuff and I managed to snag this old AKG D880 dynamic microphone. Now, I know what AKG brings to the table as far as microphones go. I have an AKG wireless mic and I am very please with the performance and the sound. I went to the AKG website and I found out that this mic has been discontinued. However, I managed to get a description of this mic from their website:

High-output neodymium transducer; rugged construction;
doubleflex transducer shock mount; frequency response optimized for intelligibility.

Dynamic performance microphone for lead and backing vocals. An integrated wind and pop screen eliminates pop and breath noise as well as sibilance. A shock absorbing inner steel mesh grill protects the transducer from damage. The strong die-cast body and wire-mesh outer grill provide additional protection for the transducer element. The outer grill and a layer of special fabric beneath it form a very effective windscreen that will suppress pop and breath noise as well as sibilance.

The Varimotion diaphragm and frequency independent supercardioid polar pattern provide outstanding sound and high gain before feedback. The D880’s frequency response has been optimized for voice pickup so it will hardly ever be necessary to use the EQ on the mixer.

I like that last sentence. It is a rather bold remark. But then again, I kinda believe them. AKG do make great mics. I have yet to try this mic. I might do so at the next party I DJ at.

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