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Rest in peace Richard Anderson

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When I was a child growing up, I used to watch The Six Million Dollar Man and The Bionic Woman. The Six Million Dollar Man was Colonel Steve Austin and The Bionic Woman was Jaime Summers. Their boss was Oscar Goldman, played by Richard Anderson. I just found out today that Richard Anderson had passed away at the age of 91. Mr  Anderson died from natural causes at his home in Beverly Hills, California. I always have loved his deep, commanding voice, especially when he narrates the opening of The Six Million Dollar Man below. Rest in peace Mr Anderson. You will be missed.


Numark DJ2GO2 compact DJ controller

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I was very excited when I read about this portable Serato-compatible DJ controller from Numark, aptly named DJ2GO2. I did a post some time back about the DJ2GO, Numark’s official offering some years back. I liked it but I could not bring myself to buy it because that version did not have a sound-card built in. I am a big fan of small, portable DJ controllers and that is why I was looking at that very first offering by Numark. However, with this new and updated one, all has changed.

This new Numark DJ2GO2 is a portable and literally pocket-sized DJ controller. That means that it can go with me everywhere. It’s equipped with a built-in sound card, as I said, and Serato DJ intro (Serato DJ upgrade ready) and as of now, is the smallest DJ controller around. It can fit on top of your laptop, if that is what you desire. I wouldn’t seat it there though. However, it is perfect for using for small gigs, prepping for gigs (cue points, transitions and all), and a great backup for those “just in case” moments.

As I said earlier, the DJ2Go2 comes with a built-in sound card with master gain, headphone output for cueing and channel gain knobs. It has two channels with a crossfader and pitch faders for easy blending. One thing that I thought would be better would be to have pitch control knobs instead of sliders. They should have used sliders for channel outputs. But then again, I suppose it was for keeping the price down. But then again, those pads that are there can be useful. Those pad modes give you access to performance controls typically found on larger controllers.

The headphone and master outputs are stereo 1/8″ minijacks. I would recommend that you hook up the main output to a DI box. There should be no excuses to not carry a DI box with you guys because there is more space in your bag with this smaller controller. Oh and another thing. Make sure you get Serato 1.9.7 installed if you want to use this.

Installation mess

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A potential client calls me down to his office and tells me that his systems are having the hiccups. I went there to check it out and true enough…the touch-panel that controlled his room settings were not working. So I asked him where was the control processor. He opened a cabinet close to a wall in the reception area. I rebooted the processor and all was ok after that. But something else caught my eye…and that was the installation mes that I saw in the cabinet. I wonder if the installer had ever heard of racking systems, and also cable management. Because from what I could see, it was a mess. I told the client to give us a call if there was any issue in future

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Behringer EUROPORT EPS500MP3

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Take a look at this offering from Behringer…the EPS500MP3. Look familiar? It should. I knew that it was only a matter of time before Behringer ripped off the very popular Yamaha Stagepas Series. Then again, isn’t that what Behringer is known for? But no matter. Let us have a look at this offering from Behringer. These are the features:

  • Ultra-compact 8-channel PA system with dual speakers and detachable 500 Watt powered mixer
  • Enormous power, incredible sonic performance, and super-lightweight
  • Mixer can be used either while installed in the speaker or detached for easy positioning and access
  • High-performance MP3 player included to play audio files via USB stick
  • Studio-grade stereo reverb adds finishing touch to your sound
  • “Wireless-ready” for high-quality BEHRINGER digital wireless system (not included)
  • Broadcast-like Voice-Over-Priority Function dims music when microphones are used
  • Extremely powerful 8” woofers and 1” compression transducers for incredible sound reproduction
  • 8-channel mixer section features 4 mic/line and 2 stereo channels
  • 4 high-quality mic preamps with switchable +48 V phantom power for condenser microphones
  • Effective and extremely musical 2-band EQ on all channels
  • Music/Speech switch to set overall system equalization
  • Auto limiter prevents overload damage to power amplifier and speakers
  • Storage compartment available for microphone, cables and accessories (2 x 6.1m (20′) speaker cables included)
  • Integrated stand mounting with 35-mm pole socket
  • Switching power supply for maximum flexibility, noise-free audio, superior transient response plus low power consumption for energy savings

Therein lies the differences folks. First of all, compared with the 500-watt Yamaha offering with 10″ speakers, these ones come with only 8″ speakers. Also, it comes with a USB in, so it looks like you can play music from an MP3 thumb drive or something like that. But other than that, it has the same protective rails as the Yamaha. It has almost the same mixer layout as the Yamaha. The mixer is detachable, like the Yamaha. One of the speaker cabinets has a compartment in the rear for storing cables, just like the Yamaha. This is the mixer below:

It has been said that a picture paints a thousand words. I will leave it to you all to see if that is true or not.

Price-wise, it will definitely be a lot cheaper than the Stagepas. The Yamaha Stagepas series is not that expensive…but it there is quality in the build. I have not tried out this offering from Behringer so I cannot vouch for its quality. You can read up about this EPS500MP3 here.

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Asus X456U laptop

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About a week back, one of my friends showed up to work with a new laptop that he had bought. It was an Asus laptop. The model number was an X456U. He bought it for less than $800 and was very happy with it. I tried it out myself and notice that in spite of a slight lag (Windows 10 is probably responsible for that) it performed OK. It came with a 1Tb hard drive and Windows 10 Home. Even came with USB Type C ports. Looks pretty well-made too! I might bear this in mind if I do get an Asus laptop in the futre…

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Manchester United – 2 vs Leicester City – 0

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It was a home game at Old Trafford. It has been two pretty solid match-weeks for Manchester United with victories over West Ham United and Swansea City. And we tried and succeeded with that unbeaten streak with Leicester City. Right from the start of the first half, it was in favour of Manchester United with the home-side dominating possession and hitting the final third time and again. We had a goal disallowed very early by Mata. Offside, claimed the linesman. Paul Pogba shot a few  wide ones but not meant to be…some were close though. Saves from Kasper Schmeichel and Leicester’s defensive compactness limited us until er struck very late in the second half through a corner which Marcus Rashford converted. Lingard provided the assist for Fellaini later on and United sealed a comfortable win and put three points in the bag. Goal difference is 10 and 9 points after three games. Top of the table! Glory Glory Manchester United!

A view of Marina Bay Sands from the Marina Barrage

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I was riding with some of my good friends near the Marina Barrage and while resting there, I snapped a picture of our downtown core , with a lovely view over the reservoir. Very nice don’t you think? If you all have not tried to cycle there, you should. Lovely views and cool breezes await you!