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Bicycle wheels galore

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Just the other week, as I was walking behind this group of HDB apartments, I came across this whole bunch of wheels all bunched up. Some were fastened together by a chain and some were not. I can only presume that the person who owns these wheels is a collector of all bike wheels, or it could be the stash of a rag-and-bone man. But then again, about ten years back, I came across this man (in the picture below) fixing bicycles along Boon Tat Street in Singapore. There were a lot of shop houses there and I think he used to own a bike shop in one of those shop houses before they got knocked down

So these bike wheels could probably be the storage of mechanics like these. Very interesting and if I do say so myself, very quaint. I do miss these bike-shops of old though. These mechanics are good and really know their stuff.

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