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Shower head with filtering balls

Honestly. That is the best description I can give to these shower-heads. This was given to me by a friend of mine. This fried of mine is always trawling through Taobao, looking for bargains. And when he does, he always spares a thought for my wife and me. Bless him.

In any case, this is what he blessed us with recently…this shower head that has lots of tiny balls within as filters. It has really helped me to save water by as much as 30% because I do not have to turn up the water supply of the shower while using this. The filters act like a “store-and-forward” reservoir for the water. Also, the holes are very tiny, so the water just spurts out. Also, there is a switch behind it that can turn that water into a pulsating jet of water. very useful for cleaning toilets

I am thinking about getting another one, but for my mother. I am sure that she will like it

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