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Pokka mixed berries and carrot juice

These past few days, I have been involved in a big project. Every day I am at a raw construction site where the building is slowly coming up and finished. In the hot sun, and because the lifts and elevators are still under construction, I have to toil by taking the stairs every day. It ain;t easy and it sure makes me thirsty. However, the workers have a canteen or rest area at the rear of the construction site. There are a few vending machines there and I have found this drink, not by choice, because the other choices were not available till the next machine replenishment. At first I thought that it would be revolting to drink but after the first sip, it was actually pretty good tasting. You can barely taste the carrot juice. All you can taste are the mixed berries…and they are very refreshing. If you can, try to get this. One sip and you will be hooked.

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