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Zhongtai rotary-hammer drill

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It is amazing, some of the stuff that is sold online. Take this Zhongtai rotary hammer drill here. Now take a look at an article I wrote on my Bosch rotary hammer drill I wrote some time back. Check out the picture in that blog post. They both look awfully similar right? That is where the similarity ends. My Made in Germany Bosch cost me more than $300 while this Zhongtai imitation costs only about $90. No prizes for guessing which country this drill came from.

But of you think about it this way, it might make sense. Say you are a casual labourer, or even a new house-owner who seeks to install say, some shelves or something. Which drill will you go for? Obviously the cheaper Zhongtai alternative. But of you are in construction…and you require a drill that wont let you down, by all means, go for the Bosch. It is a great deal and I personally would not pass it up, if I did not have my Bosch.