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ProCo MS-2 mic splitter

I sorta came across this ProCo MS-2 while clearing some junk from my office. The definition of “junk” here states that it is stuff that is forgotten about and will not be used in the near future. OK…so it is a mic splitter. But what is it anyway?

What I used to do and sometimes still do is to split one signal into two. It involves getting some very thin balanced cable and making a Y-cable. In theory, you should not do that and that is why boxes like these exist. Well, what is it? The Pro-Co MS-2 Microphone Splitter Box splits the low impedance signal of a microphone into two outputs. The result allows two microphone preamplifiers or mixer channels to be fed from one source. The MS2 features a single XLR female input and two XLR male outputs. One of the outputs is designed on an isolated circuit and features a ground lift switch which eliminates hum and electrostatic noise. Transformer-less components feature additional electrostatic shielding for even further protection against noise.

So how will I use it? I do not know actually. I was looking for something like this in the past when it came to splitting signals for events. I made the Y-cable and have used it before but I think that I will get things like these from now on…or in the very least get a distribution amplifier!

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