LRT breaks down again and people have to walk on the tracks

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And, as with other pictures of this magnitude, I will just leave this right here

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Chelsea vs Manchester United

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This is going to be an epic final…and I cannot wait. Will Hazard be in Herrera’s pocket again? Will Fellaini come out to thrash his Belgian teammate Courtois? It awaits early tomorrow morning in the Emirates FA Cup final!

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Marilyn Monroe kicking a football

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It is going to be the FIFA World Cup soon and I happened to come by one of these pictures of Marilyn Monroe kicking the ball, launching the match between Israel and the USA. Love this picture that was taken in the 50s

Margot Kidder is dead at 69 years

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Margot Kidder, Lois lane to Christopher Reeve’s Superman, has died at age 69. The actress died in her sleep at her home on Sunday. She rose to prominence as Lois Lane, the award-winning Daily Planet journalist and Clark Kent’s love interest in all four “Superman” films from 1978 to 1987. She was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and suffered some career setbacks after a nervous breakdown in 1996. But still she persevered. Rest in peace Margot. You are now with Christopher Reeve in Heaven.

SIA’s new Suites for A-380s fail to wow premium passengers

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That is the headline that grabbed me as I was trawling through the Internet. It was from The Straits Times and to me, it is not surprising. The economy is far from rosy. Many of my friends in business have said that the rather gloomy economy has hit their earnings hard. But I was wrong about that surmise, or I may have only been partially correct. The reason, according to the article, is lack of privacy as the door is left open during mealtimes. Also, the doors rattle like anything when taking off.

I would rather spend that money and fly business. I am pretty tall and sometimes, economy seats are a bit cramped for me. But there you go. Some people even said that the suites resemble a high-end army bunk when the doors are opened!

Thanks and credit goes to One Mile At A Time for the photo

Spider found inside a salmon poke from Aloha Poke

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Can you even imagine something like this happening to you? You eat a meal and when you are about to finish it, you find this at the bottom of the bowl of poke. I do not know what you would do but I would feel decidedly nauseous afterwards. That is what happened to Siew Ping in her Facebook post about finding a spider at the bottom of her bowl of Hawaiian poke after she had almost finished the whole meal. This what she had to say:

Public Service Announcement: Aloha Poke restaurant.

So… last night at 930pm, I ordered a Nalu salmon poke bowl from Aloha Poke via Deliveroo. My friend Raine Toh and I were happily working our way through the bowl and to our horror, found this dead spider, limp and soaked with sauce, at the base. It wasn’t small. I raised the issue to Aloha Poke and the owner apologized and explained that their salad supplier “have received feedback with regards to the same issue”. On their part, they will be focusing on necessary training for their staff on insect monitoring and removal.

Perhaps spiders are not as bad as rats or roaches, however as Aloha Poke is handling raw food and that is susceptible to bacteria growth and contamination, their hygiene standards cannot be compromised at anytime. Having a spider in the midst of their kitchen does say a lot about their vigilance.

Since they replied that it was “inappropriate” for them to submit a report to NEA, I’ll submit a report to NEA by today.

Eat safe, everyone!

Indeed…the warning is indeed timely but it is very difficult to “eat safe” as she puts it because the poor girl had unknowingly finished the whole bowl of food before she found the dead, grisly insect. And what is poke anyway? Well, poke is a raw fish salad served as an appetizer in Hawaiian cuisine, and sometimes as a main course.

Aloha Poke. You have a lot of explaining to do…a lot!

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Tun Mahathir Mohamad’s wit

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