Using a charcoal fire to cook

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There is an eatery at the Jalan Besar area that uses charcoal to cook. The eatery is the famous laksa stall there and maybe that is the reason why the food tastes so good. It has been said that charcoal-cooked food tastes different. I don’t know actually. There is no contact with the fire as far as the food is concerned, just the pot it is in. Then again, they are saving a fortune in cooking gas bills.

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Fair And Handsome

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I was at Mustafa’s the day before yesterday with my wife and while we were shopping, I came across this advertisement for a brand of face wash named Fair and Handsome. When I was done laughing at the name, I notice the advertising spiel next to it. That brought out another gale of laughter as I saw that. Ah these fellows. Really made my day. Gotta hand it to them! Laughter is after all the best medicine!

Chuck Berry dead at 90

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I got quite a shock this morning when I woke up to this news about Chuck Berry’s passing at the age of 90. I still remember him doing his “duck-walk” to the strains of his famous number Johnny B. Goode. In any case, according to news reports, he was found unresponsive at lunchtime on Saturday, St Charles County police said. And can you believe it? He had a seven-decade career which boasted a string of hits. He received a lifetime achievement Grammy in 1984 and was among the first inductees to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1986.

Rest in peace Chuck. You had a good run. Its party time with the others in heaven who went before you.

Surge pricing for taxis in Singapore

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The powers-that-be approved the surge pricing model for taxis yesterday, trying to copy what Grabtaxi and Uber have been doing all this while. But I have my reservations about that. I remember every Friday, taxis would pick and choose customers. As I read in a report in TodayOnline:

With surge pricing, taxi drivers could spend less time plying the roads for customers and more time ferrying passengers matched to them through a mobile application. In contrast, the situation may be less rosy for commuters who are unwilling or unable to pay higher fares, as they could face the possible scenario of being ignored on the streets during peak hours, transport analysts said on Friday

I knew something like this would occur. That is why I was very happy when Grab and Uber came on the market. It gave those conniving taxi drivers a run for their money. And now those taxi fellas want to implement surge pricing because their livelihoods were threatened by ride-hailing apps. Well done you bunch of idiots. Well done.

SoundTube SA202 amplifier

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One of my clients dropped this SoundTube amplifier off at the office to be repaired. Apparently, it was giving some issues and was not working anymore. I was prety intrigued by this tiny device and you know me, curious by nature. So what is this SA202? Well, the SA202 are 20-watt per channel (4 ohm) Class AB amplifiers with maximum gain of 35 dB. Input options include dual RCA jacks and a stereo mini jack for line-level audio sources and a speaker-level (amplified) input for applications with low-wattage speaker outputs (e.g., AV projector to external speakers).

This will be very useful for driving small speakers in boardrooms that do not require a humongous amplifier to drive them. However, 20 watts is too small for me. I would like a better amplifier with slightly higher wattage. But so far, this small one seems great

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Ceiling wireless access points

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I was at a client’s place and I happened to snap a picture of the wireless access point that was located in his office. I have seen many of such points around and I was wondering if I could get one for my house. It should be so simple…one on the ceiling providing Internet access for everyone. Then I saw the price of one of these Alcatel-Lucent ones and decided that it might not be such a good idea after all. Then I saw this Ubiquiti one:

It was relatively inexpensive and looked pretty good too. But I am starting to wonder about these cheaper ones….will they actually be good? I suppose the price is a big trade-off but you can get one of these for less than $200. Or maybe I should stick with my TP-Link wireless extender and be done with it

Kim Hup Lee going to get knocked down?

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Kim Hup Lee is a shop in Syed Alwi Road that sells tiles, house renovation materials and the like. These past couple of years, I have seen sales signs posted all over their merchandise…in the store and out of it. Apparently it looks like that they were selling of their inventory. And a week back, when I was passing it, I saw cordons going up all around it. There was an excavator parked nearby. It probably means that this old shop is going to get knocked down, presumably to be made either into apartments or another hotel. It is a shame really because the architecture of this old shop looks really nice. I hope that they conserve it in the least but I do not think they will.

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