Bike-sharing in Singapore

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This bike-share concept was introduced into Singapore quite some time back. There are three major players in Singapore. They are OFO, OBike and MoBike. I will take a look at OBike for this instance, because that is the company that supplied the bicycle pictured above, that I snapped at a bus-stop while waiting for a bus. oBike allows commuters to travel during one-way first- and last- mile commuting – via bicycles located all over the island, and uses technology to hire them. How do you hire the bikes? very simple and posted below:

It works with an app loaded on your smartphone. The app can be downloaded for free. You can reserve a bike and unlock it using the oBike app. At the end of the ride, just park the bike in a designated public bike-parking area and lock it using the app again. You need to have credits in your “wallet” to hire these bikes and a fare will be deducted for the time you use the bike, usually a very small amount. You also need to pay a refundable deposit when you sign up and decide to use the service. You can go to the site and read the FAQ.

This is what the lock looks like. I think that it has a tiny solar panel inside there that helps to power the GPS for locating the bike. From what I can see, the bike has a steel frame…more ho-tensile than chromoly steel. The brakes look like drum-brakes, the kind that will not hesitate to squeal if they are not maintained. The tires are solid rubber so you will never have to suffer a flat tire.

Have i tried this before? To be honest…no. But I am thinking of trying it with the wife when we go on cycling trips. It looks like fun.

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LA Galaxy vs Manchester United

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What a match it was. Wonder-boy Marcus Rashford scored a brace, one in the second minute too! After that, Fellaini scored. The match ended at half-time with LA Galaxy – 0, Manchester United – 3.

After the second half, the squad was completely changed. Then in the 67th minute, Mkhitaryan scored and a few minutes later, Martial scored! Score was 0 – 5! But LA Galaxy pulled two back and the final score was LA Galaxy – 2, Manchester United – 5! Ripping match!

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Plastic XLR connector

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I was at a client’s place and when setting up their system, i noticed this XLR plug that was supposed to be connected to a microphone. It all looked ok until I tried to unscrew the clamping screws. I was quite surprised to find that the screws were molded…they were not real screws. You can see in the picture here that they are plastic and part of the casing. As a matter of fact, the whole XLR connector barrel was made of plastic! That is what happens when you buy cheap stuff from China folks…you get stuff like this that frankly, is just shocking. needless to say, i changed it to a Neutrik one and I was immediately a lot happier. So beware folks. you have been…how shall i put it…informed.

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Father Lawrence Kizito Kimbowa

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I was at the Church of Our Lady Of Lourdes today and the main celebrant was this priest from Uganda named Father Lawrence Kizito Kimbowa. One thing I like about this priest is that his sermons are really touching. He was at the church last week as well when I went to Mass. At the end of the Mass, he said something that would stick with me for some time.

He said that he would be leaving for Uganda in a couple of days time. He also said that we in Singapore are blessed because the priests here, they do not have to worry about food. He said in Uganda, they grow their own food. He also said that his church in Uganda does not have pews. People sit on the floor.

I was humbled by that. We take so many things for granted here in Singapore. Here is a Ugandan Catholic priest, who celebrated Mass with us, telling us what it is like in his township, where he is the parish priest of a church. Thank you Father Lawrence. That brief time you spent with us here in Singapore was a lovely one. Have a safe flight back to Uganda

The Dagwood sandwich

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Many years ago, I found my dad in the kitchen making his breakfast and when I saw the sandwich he created, with all its layers of bread and fillings, I asked him what kind of sandwich was that? Dad said that it was a Dagwood sandwich. he was referring of course to the character pictured above, Dagwood Bumstead, a very popular comic character from the comic strip Blondie, who used to make the biggest sandwiches around. So now, whenever I make a Dagwood sandwich, I always think of my dad.

Inside a Kramer Galil 6-C ceiling speaker

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One of my clients has ordered a few of these Kramer Galil 6-C speakers and to be honest, after opening them up and checking them out, I kinda like them. They are built well, are sturdy and they produce great sound. My client is running an amplifier that puts out 120 watts into 70v and I had to set four of these speakers to 30 watts, via the little dial that is only visible after I remove the cover. They sound so good that I am contemplating getting some of their point-source speakers for my home. I dare say that it would be a good buy!

Sony Professional Walkman

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About twenty years ago…no…more than that, I thought of buying one of these professional walkman recorders by Sony to record stuff. One of the things I wanted to record was some of the comedy sketches being played on the airline entertainment channels. It was during that time when I used to fly a lot, because of my job and all. In any case, I also wanted to record the radio stations overseas because I liked their stations…so funny and entertaining. I remember looking at these Sony recorders and was weighing in on buying one of them but I never bought it in the end. The reason? Many shops here did not have this!

The beautiful thing about this Walkman is that it has a level control and it could record on chrome and metal tapes, which were better than the normal tapes. This professional walkman in the end remained one of those things I wanted to get but did not get.

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