ProCo MS-2 mic splitter

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I sorta came across this ProCo MS-2 while clearing some junk from my office. The definition of “junk” here states that it is stuff that is forgotten about and will not be used in the near future. OK…so it is a mic splitter. But what is it anyway?

What I used to do and sometimes still do is to split one signal into two. It involves getting some very thin balanced cable and making a Y-cable. In theory, you should not do that and that is why boxes like these exist. Well, what is it? The Pro-Co MS-2 Microphone Splitter Box splits the low impedance signal of a microphone into two outputs. The result allows two microphone preamplifiers or mixer channels to be fed from one source. The MS2 features a single XLR female input and two XLR male outputs. One of the outputs is designed on an isolated circuit and features a ground lift switch which eliminates hum and electrostatic noise. Transformer-less components feature additional electrostatic shielding for even further protection against noise.

So how will I use it? I do not know actually. I was looking for something like this in the past when it came to splitting signals for events. I made the Y-cable and have used it before but I think that I will get things like these from now on…or in the very least get a distribution amplifier!

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Gordon’s Gin

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I have said before in a previous post that sometimes, a glass of gin and tonic will really make the day for me sometimes when I get home from a hard day’s work. I used to be partial to Bombay Sapphire gin before but it seems that I have made the change to Gordon’s gin, partly because I bought a few bottles at the duty free after my two Vietnam trips. I like the taste of Gordon’s better.

Stand Up for Singapore in the heavy rain

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I saw this on the MediaCock Singapore page on Facebook and nearly bust a gut laughing. But the rain yesterday was no laughing matter. It was one of the heaviest rainstorms that I have seen for some time. Places like Bedok were totally flooded, trees collapsed and hopefully, no one was hurt. But the reason this pic was funny is because of the reasons the Public Utilities Board said circa 2011. They said that Singapore only floods once every 50 years and what was being experienced was “ponding”. So you look at this and realise that since that 2011 remark, there have been many cases of “ponding”occurring that is not funny. Hopefully, they get the message.

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Denizen jeans stores in Singapore

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I do not know what happened to the brand Denizen in Singapore. They used to have stores all over and now they do not. Take New Year’s Eve for instance. I went to their supposed Bugis store at BHG to get the jeans. Unfortunately, I could not enter BHG because they were having some end-of-year sale for their proviledged cardholders. No worries, I thought to myself. I will go some other day.

Well, that “some other day” turned out to be yesterday afternoon. I went down to the BHG store in Bugis and went looking. I did say earlier that the store was listed on the Denizen website as being there. When I got there and walked around, I could not find it. Fine, I said to myself. It is possibly on one of the lower floors of the relatively big BHG store. So I went to the information counter to ask where it was. That is when I was told that the store had closed down. I was then told to go to the nearby Bugis Plus to check it out. It was on the second floor next to the Timberland shop they said.

So I go to Bugis Plus and search. It is not down there as the people at BHG said it would be. So I decided to go online and check where their nearest store is. Two stores nearby sprang out – City Square Mall and One KM in Katong. I decided to go to One KM in Katong because I wanted two things. I wanted to try the ayam penyet there (which turned out to be a total disappointment when I ate at Dapur Penyet) after I bought my jeans. So I catch a bus there and look up the address. When I get to the address, I find out that it has been taken over by the Denizen parent company Levis. They told me that the store had closed down.

Again. Second time I was fooled by their online store locator. In any case, while searching for the store locators, I came across an online store at the Denizen website. So when I got back home, I promptly ordered two pairs of straight cut denim jeans. Got a $20 discount too so it is not all bad

Dapur Penyet very disappointing

07/01/2018 1 comment

I went to City Plaza looking for a Denizen shop (more on that later) and I was feeling a little hungry. So I decided to drop into Dapur Penyet for a meal. I gave my order to the cashier and at first she wanted to charge me $19 for the meal of one serving of ayam penyet and a bandung (rose syrup milk drink). After pointing it out to her, she gave a nervous laugh and changed it to what it was supposed to be which was $7.90 for the ayam penyet and $3.90 for a bandung. I thought it was a tad bit pricey but I thought I would give it a try anyway

After waiting for what seemed an eternity, my order came. And this was the funny part. They packed it to go. I remember clearly telling the cashier that I was eating in. So after a bit of a kerfuffle I got my meal and that is what was served to me. That is right, the picture above. Now let me ask you…do you think that is worth $7.90? I certainly do not. And don’t get me started on the cup of bandung. Here it is below

Let me ask you all again. Do you think that cup of bandung is worth $3.90? I certainly do not. And when I was served this, I started thinking to myself…there is a shop in the hawker centre near my place selling ayam penyet for much cheaper than this, and better tasting too. And a drink only costs me $1.50! One can argue “This is a restaurant in a shopping centre so the rent is more expensive” Bullshit. There is a canteen on the 3rd level of this shopping centre that serves better and cheaper food. Ultimately, I “paid” for my choice. I consider it a small price to pay for a good lesson

So this comes as a warning…do not patronise this place. It is not worth it food and comfort-wise. I certainly will not patronise it again…ever!

Singapore Airlines and the credit card surcharge issue

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A couple of days back, Singapore Airlines announced that some passengers booking flights departing from Singapore could soon incur a fee if they use a credit card to pay for their tickets. On their website, they said that from the 20th of January, there will be a 1.3 per cent “service fee” based on the total cost of the booking, capped at a maximum charge of S$50 per passenger.

That was a stupid move and everyone in social media hit out at the airline for being no better than ah beng shops in Sim Lim Square that do just that. They were whacked online like crazy and then this happened

One day after the announcement. One day after all the bashing they got on social media, Singapore Airlines decided not to introduce the credit card fee for tickets. Apparently, in a circular, that was sent out, SIA wrote: “Following a further review, Singapore Airlines will not be proceeding with the implementation of the CCSF (credit card service fee).”

What can we or rather Singapore Airlines learn from this? Plenty. First of all, they should know and realise that social media is a double-edged sword. Secondly, this about-turn from them could really hurt it’s image as it was behaving like a budget airline. Thirdly, they could lose their passengers due to disgust.

Singapore Airlines, always remember that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Next time, think it through before you implement stupid decisions like these that could hurt your repputation. This about-turn did you _no_ favours at all…absolutely none.

Wharfedale Pro DM 5.0S

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There is a music shop in Singapore selling these Wharfedale Pro mics for $40, or buy a pack of three for $100. I have yet to try these mics but I need some extra mics for some shows that I am doing and I bet that these mics, being very affordable, would fit the bill. I have my old Shure SM58 but I am afraid, after all these years, it is starting to feedback pretty often. So it looks like I need some mics and these three in a pack ones should do nicely