Dell Inspiron 14 3462

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I bought this new notebook for my wife. I ordered it online for what I thought was a great price. When ordering it, I requested that I would be willing to purchase the Dell OS restore CD (an optional extra) for it. I sent in my purchase on the website, everything was ordered and then I waited for this to be delivered. On the day it was delivered, I checked the contents of the package and lo and behold, the CD I ordered was not there. So I called up their support hotline, and was transferred to Dell Malaysia. That is when the nightmare started. I was shunted from department to department to department, waiting up to an hour on the phone. When I reached the final department, I was kept on hold and then unceremoniously cut off. So I sent a complaint email to the relevant department and after that, I started getting results. Someone actually called me back and I got someone promising me that they would send the OS recovery USB drive to my house. I said that I would pay for it because that is what I requested for in the first place but they said that they would waive off this charge as a gesture of goodwill.

Other than that, I love this laptop. I paid a good price for it and I was very happy for what I paid for. My wife is going to have this notebook installed with a new SSD drive and Windows 7. Let us see how that works out.

********** EDITOR’S NOTE **********

Well, here is the skinny. To install Windows 7, you have to change the boot from UEFI Secure Boot on to Legacy Secure Boot Off. After that, and after what took a long while, Windows 7 was able to boot from the Dell Windows 7 DVD. Notice I said DVD. That is because these idiots that made this computer have USB ports that seem to be having issues with USB drives. The issue becomes apparent when you boot up the the damn thing. Nothing can be used. Even the USB. So Dell lied to me…again…saying that Windows 7 can be used. Looks like I have to break out my Ubuntu Live DVD and try it that way.


Manchester United – 2 Chelsea – 0

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I can honestly that this was one of the best games United had against Chelsea. It was an excellent, all-round performance from Manchester United which gave us a comfortable win over the Chelsea. And, I might add,  we move back into fifth, while Chelsea stay four points ahead of Spurs at the top of the table. All I can say is, Senhor Mourinho had devised a tactical masterclass. First goal was attributed to Marcus Rashford. Marcus Rashford gave David Luiz and Gary Cahill the run of their lives, using his speed to their disadvantage. But if you thought Rashford was good, look at Ander Herrera. He was assigned an old-fashioned man-marking role on Eden Hazard. Several times, when he was not doing that, Jose kept calling out to him, reminding him of his duty to shadow Hazard. And shadow he did. Herrera stuck to Hazard  but he also weighed in with the second goal as well as setting up the first for Rashford. Truly deserving of Man Of The Match for me. Glory Glory Manchester United!!


Sorting robots at work in a warehouse in China

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A couple of days back, I was talking about self-driving trucks and how they will help in making companies more productive. I came across this one where a robots sorting system helps a Chinese company finish at least 200,000 packages a day in the warehouse. Quite an interesting video to watch. I must admit, I was pretty impressed!

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Happy Easter 2017

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Sing Alleluia…The Lord has risen!

I would like to take this opportunity to wish one and all a very Happy Easter. God bless you and your family.

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Holy Saturday

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Today we commemorate Holy Saturday, which to us Catholics is the Saturday of Holy Week, also known as the Great Sabbath, Black Saturday, or Easter Eve. Have a meaningful Holy Saturday everyone.

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Good Friday 2017

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Remember, Jesus died for our sins. Have a meaningful Good Friday one and all and God bless you and your family

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Driver-less trucks will soon be among us

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It has been some time since driverless cars were among us. They are still in their beta stage and there are lots of things to settle with such cars. But driverless trucks. I saw this documentary of sorts on YouTube, courtesy of Bloomberg, and this makes sense…especially in the great outbacks of Australia for example. Very soon we will see the existence of driverless road trains. But there are issues, especially when technology like this eradicates hundreds of jobs in the trucking industry. Let’s see how this all pans out

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