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Mixer and speaker install in a client’s place

21/04/2017 Leave a comment

Just the other day, about two weeks ago, I did an install in a client’s office. They had opened a new office, adjacent to theirs, and thus they needed some speakers installed. The speakers they installed were the 70V line versions so we had to get an amplifier that could handle all those speakers. We settled on this monster QSC amplifier and hooked up all the old speakers as well as the new ones. We also installed a Yamaha MG10XU mixer and a Shure SLX4 microphone. After it all was finished, the client was very happy with the result and I can safely say that this equipment will give the client years of dependable service.

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Portable PA system in ITE

28/04/2016 Leave a comment

I was at ITE Ang Mo Kio this afternoon and I came across this setup there. That is a huge flightcase with amplifiers, processors and a mixer mounted in it. Apparently, what these guys do is to wheel out this flightase and connect it via Speakons to a patch panel, which in turn is connected to some permanently mounted speakers above the venue. So, in a way, this is is a portable PA system. The amplifiers and electronics are stored in here and wheeled out and connected up when there is an event and after the event, you close up the flightcase after unplugging the Speakons and the 16A power cable. This is a very good idea and it helps to protect the electronic items from what is clearly an outdoor venue.

Earthquake XJ300-FR Class J Stereo amplifier

10/01/2016 Leave a comment

I took this picture at a client’s place. They were using two of these tiny amplifiers to drive a pair of ceiling speakers. Now I am always a sucker for tiny amplifiers and I always look for small ones like these to power small speakers for small installations. I went to their website and was able to get some info about these amplifiers. These are the specs:

  • Model nr.: XJ-300FR
  • 2 X 110 WRMS (8-Ohm Stereo)
  • 2 x 170 WRMS (4-Ohm Stereo)
  • 170 WRMS @ 110 volt AC (8-Ohm Mono Bridged)
  • 210 WRMS @ 230 volt AC (8-Ohm Mono Bridged)
  • 320 W-IHF (dynamic power) @ 230 volt AC (4-Ohm Mono Bridged)
  • Wall or rack mountable
  • Class “J” Stereo Modular design
  • RCA and USB inputs
  • Auto Signal Sensing ON / OFF
  • Compact size
  • Volume control
  • Finish: Flat Black
  • Weight: 1.7 kg
  • Comes with 4 detachable rack ears + 1 connector bracket (for connecting multiple amplifiers)
  • OPTIONAL Long Ears extension brackets available
  • Frequency Response: 20-20kHz
  • High Pass Filter: 15 HZ
  • Phase infinitely variable: 0 to 180 degr.
  • Crossover: 50Hz – 160Hz
  • Signal To Noise: 101 dB
  • Load Impedance: 2 Ohms or greater
  • THD: 0.08%
  • Damping Factor:> 1400
  • Power Line Voltage: 110-220 ~ AC50/60Hz

There are many types of classes of amplifiers that I have seen throughout the years but I am still coming to terms with them. At 110 watts per channel at 8 ohms, this amplifier seems to be one helluva monster for small speakers. But then again, this is peak power so I think a comfortable rating would be 70 watts per channel at 8 ohms. I have yet to find a distributor for these nice amplifiers in Singapore…but I am sure I can order them from abroad

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Scandyna SA-9000 amplifier

21/04/2015 Leave a comment

I was at a client’s place and I happened to come across this tiny amplifier. From what I can see, it looks like a small, cheap microphone amplifier. Very little is known about it except that it it puts out around 50 watts a channel and can handle speaker impedances of 4 to 8 ohms. The rear has two inputs and one line output…useful if you want to do a recording. The controls on the front are relatively straight-forward and it looks like this will do just fine for a small pub that just wants piped-in music. I think an amplifier like this could be mighty useful when I want to do small installs. I will definitely keep this in mind next time such a need arises. And I might add, it looks pretty well-built too.

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Bose Free Space 51 outdoor speakers

20/04/2015 1 comment

Just the other day, one of my friends was having his event at a bar in Singapore and all he had to use were these outdoor speakers. I have come across them in many places, especially outdoors. After all, these are what these speakers were designed for…to handle the elements that our torrid weather can give. They actually sound decent if they are hooked up together. You can see in the image above, the Bose SA-3 amplifier that can power these speakers. But you do not have to use the optional Bose SA-3 amplifier module. They can take an amplifier rated between 10 to 100 watts. The speakers have enclosures that are made of environmentally resistant hardware. Don’t ask what that is…that is what I found on their manual that can be downloaded from their website. All in all, I think pretty good speakers for outdoor use.

TEAC A-707 DC Integrated Stereo Amplifier

28/10/2014 Leave a comment

I saw this TEAC A-707 amplifier being sold on Ebay and I remember that my friend Simon used to have this amplifier.. I remember that back in the day…must have been the early 80s when we used to go to Simon’s house and blast his stereo that included this amplifier…it sounded pretty powerful and I was in awe of it. It is only just now that I found out that this amplifier only pushed about 50 watts per channel. I tell you, back in the day, those bloody LED and VU meters on amplifiers used to fool you into believing that the amps could output massive amounts of power. The Sony amplifier my dad had was a very good example!

In any case, we used to use this amplifier back then even for mobile parties. I remember a party in 1983 at my house when we used this amplifier and we rocked the house. The last time I actually saw this amplifier in action was the late 80s. But it did bring back memories…memories of the days when we were young and foolish.

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The Roland Cube Street

20/08/2014 Leave a comment

While I was walking around one of the MRT stations in the east part of Singapore, I came across a couple of buskers using this amplifier. I must say that I was quite pleased with the sound. Now, I am no stranger to Roland’s products. I have installed their products in quite a few clubs and bars and their quality is unquestionable. Here are some reasons why I like this little amplifier.

  • Compact, lightweight stereo amplifier with slanted cabinet design
  • Two high-performance 6.5” speakers
  • Battery driven (6 x AA, maximum 15-hour continuous use)
  • Dual-channel architecture with Guitar/Inst and Mic/Line inputs
  • 8 COSM AMPs, 6 digital effects, and chromatic tuner built in
  • 2-band EQ, Delay/Reverb for the Mic/Line-channel
  • AC Adaptor included

I took all these points from the Roland website, the very same one that I was at when I discovered the attributes of this fantastic little amplifier. First of all, its battery powered. 6 AA batteries provide the power to power this baby. Also, its a It’s a guitar amp and mini PA system in one. With its dual-channel architecture and Microphone input, one can sing and play guitar through one convenient amplifier. There’s even a delay and reverb devoted to the Mic/Line channel. Great for karaoke parties!

These are the built-in controls of the mixer section. You can see some XLR combo jacks which means that you can use this as a very handy portable PA system. And not only that, there is even a mounting for a speaker stand. That makes it very convenient if you want a small system to power say, a road-show. Just plug in a mic and a small MP3 player and you are on the go. It only weighs about 6 kilograms so its pretty light. Wattage is rather low though. On the website, its stated about 2.5 watts per speaker but honestly, when I heard those buskers, it really sounded loud!

I am looking at getting one of these for myself as a monitor for a DJ console. I am pretty sure that these would be very handy in situations like these.

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