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Problematic DDJ-SX2

09/04/2018 Leave a comment

I was using this DDJ-SX2 at a party a few nights back. There were two DJs and I was one of them. When I switched over to my MacBook, I noticed that the right side was “paralysed” to a degree. I could not use the pitch control, the cue pads were not lit as well. I had to unplug the USB from the controller, switch off the controller, power it back on and all was ok. Really frustrating it was. But that was not the only irritating part

There was a problem with the amplifier in the venue. It was not powerful enough to drive the speakers. Every now and again, the amp would go into thermal shutdown mode and the music would stop. Luckily I had a sporting crowd who knew that the “music outages” were not of my doing. I had to run the bass really low to prevent the amplifier getting excited again so it was pretty bad. I told the bar owner that if he wanted to engage me again, he needed to upgrade the amplifier or else I will not play there again.

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IVA S-8.0 switching power amplifier

26/09/2017 Leave a comment

A couple of weeks back, I was at an event and I happened to glance at the amp rack powering the speakers at the event. The four-channel amp below was a copy of the LabGruppen amplifier series. Apparently, that fur-channel amp was a spare because it was never used. The amplifier above that, the IVA S-8.0 amplifier, that one I had never seen before.

Apparently, it is a local Malaysian brand named IVA that makes these amplifier. I went to their webpage here. All I can say is that the information available online about these amplifiers, and their products, is pretty scarce. It is a bit like the Delta Audio series of equipment here in Singapore…probably made by some China OEM and then the name of the company is slapped on.

In any case, back to the amplifier. Apparently, it is described as:

The IVA S-8.0 Amplifier is designed for high operating efficiency and accurate sonic performance across the full audio bandwidth, even under stressful conditions. S8.0 incorporates various protection features to safeguard both internal circuitry and the connected loudspeakers. This proven combination of advance technological design, quality construction, and comprehensive circuit protection guarantees a powerful output, superb audio performance and fail-safe reliability

I got this from one of the PDFs located on their page. So it is a switching amplifier. That is like so many amplifiers available nowadays. If I believe the specs, it is quite powerful.  2 x 1600 watts per channel into two ohms, 2 x 1200 watts per channel into four ohms and lastly, 2 x 800 watts per channel into eight ohms. The usual XLR inputs and outputs and Speakon outputs adorn the back of the amplifier.

Performance-wise, I have to say it did the job well. It was hooked up to one of those Nexo PS15 copies and we know those copies need a lot of power. It did not distort and I dare say that this amplifier does quite a stellar job. Not too bad if I do say so myself.

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Sound-system for a small pub

30/06/2017 Leave a comment

One of my friends opened up a small pub in the Katong area and I went down to it a couple of weeks back to check it out. It was a small pub with a moderately good sound-system. He had settled for the Delta Audio brand for his pub. Now that brand is pretty famous in Singapore. Many small event companies here in Singapore use their speakers and sound-systems because they are relatively inexpensive, and do the job. But many sound suppliers are lamenting the fact that Delta Audio speakers are trash and their speakers are copies of the Nexo PS series speakers.

In any case, the only thing I could see as far the sound system was concerned, besides the two 12″ speakers fastened to the corners of the pub near the ceiling, was this Delta Audio mixer below:


Now I am very particular about my mixers. Mixers are the heart of the system. Mixers can be the difference between what sounds good and what sounds bad in the system. I had used Delta Audio speakers and amplifiers before but I had never used their mixers so I cannot really speak up for them. But then again, all my friend was using of this mixer was hooking up an old iPad to the mixer, using a Y-cable. Spotify was playing all the songs and I must say that the $10 subscription fee he pays to Spotify each month seems pretty worth it. I finally managed to see the amplifier that was powering his speakers. It was a Delta Audio A-series amplifier and it was stacked under the mixer in a cabinet. The sound? Well, all I can say that it sounded very clear and I was very pleased with it. You do get extra bass when you place your speakers in corners and I think that my friend took advantage of that.

If I had advice to give to any other people who are setting up a small bar, and want a sound-system that will not break the bank, check out the Wharfedale Pro one that I posted above. It costs less than $900 and it includes a powered mixer and two 12″ speakers. It should do the job with more than enough music power to drive the place.

Mixer and speaker install in a client’s place

21/04/2017 Leave a comment

Just the other day, about two weeks ago, I did an install in a client’s office. They had opened a new office, adjacent to theirs, and thus they needed some speakers installed. The speakers they installed were the 70V line versions so we had to get an amplifier that could handle all those speakers. We settled on this monster QSC amplifier and hooked up all the old speakers as well as the new ones. We also installed a Yamaha MG10XU mixer and a Shure SLX4 microphone. After it all was finished, the client was very happy with the result and I can safely say that this equipment will give the client years of dependable service.

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Portable PA system in ITE

28/04/2016 Leave a comment

I was at ITE Ang Mo Kio this afternoon and I came across this setup there. That is a huge flightcase with amplifiers, processors and a mixer mounted in it. Apparently, what these guys do is to wheel out this flightase and connect it via Speakons to a patch panel, which in turn is connected to some permanently mounted speakers above the venue. So, in a way, this is is a portable PA system. The amplifiers and electronics are stored in here and wheeled out and connected up when there is an event and after the event, you close up the flightcase after unplugging the Speakons and the 16A power cable. This is a very good idea and it helps to protect the electronic items from what is clearly an outdoor venue.

Earthquake XJ300-FR Class J Stereo amplifier

10/01/2016 Leave a comment

I took this picture at a client’s place. They were using two of these tiny amplifiers to drive a pair of ceiling speakers. Now I am always a sucker for tiny amplifiers and I always look for small ones like these to power small speakers for small installations. I went to their website and was able to get some info about these amplifiers. These are the specs:

  • Model nr.: XJ-300FR
  • 2 X 110 WRMS (8-Ohm Stereo)
  • 2 x 170 WRMS (4-Ohm Stereo)
  • 170 WRMS @ 110 volt AC (8-Ohm Mono Bridged)
  • 210 WRMS @ 230 volt AC (8-Ohm Mono Bridged)
  • 320 W-IHF (dynamic power) @ 230 volt AC (4-Ohm Mono Bridged)
  • Wall or rack mountable
  • Class “J” Stereo Modular design
  • RCA and USB inputs
  • Auto Signal Sensing ON / OFF
  • Compact size
  • Volume control
  • Finish: Flat Black
  • Weight: 1.7 kg
  • Comes with 4 detachable rack ears + 1 connector bracket (for connecting multiple amplifiers)
  • OPTIONAL Long Ears extension brackets available
  • Frequency Response: 20-20kHz
  • High Pass Filter: 15 HZ
  • Phase infinitely variable: 0 to 180 degr.
  • Crossover: 50Hz – 160Hz
  • Signal To Noise: 101 dB
  • Load Impedance: 2 Ohms or greater
  • THD: 0.08%
  • Damping Factor:> 1400
  • Power Line Voltage: 110-220 ~ AC50/60Hz

There are many types of classes of amplifiers that I have seen throughout the years but I am still coming to terms with them. At 110 watts per channel at 8 ohms, this amplifier seems to be one helluva monster for small speakers. But then again, this is peak power so I think a comfortable rating would be 70 watts per channel at 8 ohms. I have yet to find a distributor for these nice amplifiers in Singapore…but I am sure I can order them from abroad

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Scandyna SA-9000 amplifier

21/04/2015 Leave a comment

I was at a client’s place and I happened to come across this tiny amplifier. From what I can see, it looks like a small, cheap microphone amplifier. Very little is known about it except that it it puts out around 50 watts a channel and can handle speaker impedances of 4 to 8 ohms. The rear has two inputs and one line output…useful if you want to do a recording. The controls on the front are relatively straight-forward and it looks like this will do just fine for a small pub that just wants piped-in music. I think an amplifier like this could be mighty useful when I want to do small installs. I will definitely keep this in mind next time such a need arises. And I might add, it looks pretty well-built too.

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