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QED speaker cable from the UK

18/05/2017 Leave a comment

Just earlier this week, I was installing some speakers for a client and he requested me to use these cables that he had bought. I had a look at the reel and saw that it was supposedly made in the United Kingdom, made by a company named QED. The cables did not look anything spectacular and were of a very thin American Wire Gauge (AWG) which I estimated to be about 18 AWG. I normally have my doubts about such speaker cables like these and I doubt if they were actually made in the United Kingdom after all. But the client wanted it so my Belden speaker cable had to take a back seat for this one. Honestly, sometimes, the things I do to please my clients…

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1/4″ TS jack for bigger speaker cables

17/01/2017 Leave a comment

I have a Yamaha Stagepas, and it is into it’s sixth year of operation. I am very happy with it and it serves me well. I go have a small issue though. Just the other week, I discovered that I had some 12 AWG cables and I wanted to use it as speaker cable. Now the Stagepas only accepts 1/4″ TS cable. It doesn’t use Speakon connectors. So for those who have larger diameter speaker cables, how do you solve it?

It is simple. Get this fatter 1/4″ TS plug that can take fatter speaker cable. Some people, to get around it, strip the 12 AWG speaker cable and do not crimp the housing because it cannot fit inside the barrel. With this, all should fit and it is a practical solution. I am happy with my standard 16 AWG speaker cable so the 12 AWG speaker cable will be spared…for now. But if need be, I know what to do.