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Belden 1813A microphone cable

23/06/2017 Leave a comment

I have been using Belden cables for my microphones for years. The only other brand that I think that can match them are probably Canare cables. Both of them are equally good and I have never had any of them fail on me. I just managed to get myself some Belden cable the other day and these are going to be made into signal cables for powered speakers. I am going to terminate them to some Neutrik XLR connectors and I will be rocking!


QED speaker cable from the UK

18/05/2017 Leave a comment

Just earlier this week, I was installing some speakers for a client and he requested me to use these cables that he had bought. I had a look at the reel and saw that it was supposedly made in the United Kingdom, made by a company named QED. The cables did not look anything spectacular and were of a very thin American Wire Gauge (AWG) which I estimated to be about 18 AWG. I normally have my doubts about such speaker cables like these and I doubt if they were actually made in the United Kingdom after all. But the client wanted it so my Belden speaker cable had to take a back seat for this one. Honestly, sometimes, the things I do to please my clients…

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Berlite Cat6 UTP cable

03/04/2017 Leave a comment

These past few weeks, I have been attached to a project where we are installing a whole new audio system. Now, audio systems of today are mostly digital and so as a result we have to use good quality “interconnects”. Some of these are network cables. This is the first time I am using this Berlite brand of Cat6 UTP cable and I must say that it feels pretty good. I have been so used to buying Belden Cat6 cable and working with it that I kinda forget sometimes that there are alternatives in the market…good alternatives. In any case, it is great to use and I had no issues crimping it and using it. I must look out for this cable and probably get a box of it.

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Cat6 RJ45 plugs

06/03/2014 Leave a comment

There is a difference between Cat6 and Cat5e RJ45 jacks, as can be seen in this picture from The Cat6 RJ45 plugs have staggered inputs on the pins, vs the straight-line ones on the Cat5e on the right. The reason is because Cat6 cables use thicker copper, a smaller number AWG (American Wire Gauge) vs the Cat5e cable with a higher AWG. I have tried, albeit rather unsuccessfully, to crimp a Cat5e RJ45 on Cat6 cable. I managed to do it in the end after a lot of huffing and puffing literally. I am doing an install this week with Cat6 cable so I had to buy Cat6 RJ45 plugs. Using great quality Belden cable. Looking good!

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Klotz MY206 microphone cable

21/11/2013 Leave a comment

To be very honest, I am not a big fan of Klotz cable, preferring Belden and Canare for my microphone cable. Just the other day I came across this Klotz MY206 cable that my friend had. He told me the cables were relatively inexpensive and I thought to myself: wow…time to check them out. When I did my research, I found out why these Klotz cables were relatively inexpensive…it does not have a braided shield, like my Canare cables! Those braided shields are much better at repelling RFI (Radio Frequency Interference) than most other cables. However, for short cable runs, I suppose these will be alright. For me, I would take Belden or Canare cables over these Klotz cables any day

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Yamaha HS10W studio monitor subwoofer

02/08/2013 Leave a comment

A few weeks back, the club cum restaurant that I did an audio installation in decided that they needed a subwoofer for the restaurant. Apparently, the speakers that they bought to provide general background music was great but they needed some bass. So we decided to give them this studio monitor subwoofer and they were very happy with it. I must admit, it sounds pretty good, even though it was designed for a studio and not a restaurant! But then again, if Thorens hi-fi turntables could be used back in the day for discotheque use, who is to say that these cannot be used for a restaurant that plays soft, background music right? In any case, here are the features of this subwoofer:

  • 8″ bass-reflex powered subwoofer delivers solid 30Hz – 120Hz frequency response.
  • 150 watts dynamic power.
  • XLR and TRS phone jack inputs accept balanced or unbalanced signals.
  • Balanced XLR L and R outputs connect to the main left and right speakers.
  • L/R mix output connects to a second subwoofer if required.
  • Level control facilitates precise overall system level matching.
  • Phase switch simplifies phase alignment.
  • Low-pass filter control and high-pass filter control with ON/OFF switch.
  • Full magnetic shielding.

We sold it to the owner at a pretty good price. After we hooked it up with some Belden mic cable, all was good! I’ll keep this in mind for more installs in the future.

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Fixing those old XLR cables

17/07/2012 Leave a comment

I paid quite a bit for my Neutrik cables back in the day and I used them on all my XLR cables, good quality Belden and Canare ones at that. Unfortunately, the Neutrik connectors are starting to show signs of remorse. Take a look at the picture above. The third part from the left, which happens to be the screwcap for the Neutrik connector. All of mine have disintegrated at the conical, flexible side. The plug still can be used as the screwcap has not broken yet. But then again, these cables have been stored in a bag for the greater part of 20 years so after a while, I do suppose they get brittle but you know something? The cheaper Asian-made ones, using the harder rubber compound, also bought around the same time as these Neutriks, are doing fine!

This is the one I was talking about, the Asian-made, China-made, whatever. But these things are still going strong with the rubber sleeve still intact. I hope Neutrik do something about their XLR cables because frankly, to pay a premium for plugs that will not last just does not represent value for money

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