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Bike wheel chandelier at Haji Lane

19/05/2017 Leave a comment

Well, I am a biking enthusiast after all and while the wife and I were walking down Haji Lane, this “chandelier” of sorts caught my eye. Thinking of this, it ain’t too difficult to make. Something to think about perhaps when I redo the lights at my house?

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29/11/2016 Leave a comment

I came across this new bike from Ikea a couple of days back. The first thing that caught my eye was the belt-drive. Another thing that caught my eye was that this 26″ bicycle comes with a 25-year limited warranty on the frame and 10-year limited warranty on the belt drive. Brakes-wise, this single-speed bike comes with a front disc brake and a rear coaster brake. And that is not all. It has an automatic 2-gear system that is integrated into the rear hub. But the thing is, this thing is not cheap. I would not buy this. I can get a cheaper bike at my local bike shop that gives better parts.

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Strange-looking bicycle in Katong

28/01/2014 Leave a comment

I was walking around Katong the other day and while walking, I came across this very unique-looking…no…strange-looking would be a better word to use. This had a big wheel in the front and a small wheel in the rear, possibly a 16″ wheel. It looked pretty unstable and I can vouch that the person who rides this bike is going to be in for the ride of his or her life. Yes…it is that strange-looking. I think it’s a novelty bike, not meant for serious riding.

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Specialized Bicycles is being a big bully

09/12/2013 1 comment

This is Dan Richter, a Canadian war veteran from Afghanistan. After he was discharged from the army, he started up a small bicycle shop called Cafe Roubaix. Now, when he did that, Specialized Bikes did not think that it was a good idea and promptly threatened him with a lawsuit, saying that they (Specialized) owns trademark to the name Roubaix, which they use for the name of their road bikes. But Roubaix is the name of a region in France. The news reports are located here and here.

So what does Specialized thinking? Do they not remind you of a certain computer company that is named after a fruit? All I know is that I am DISGUSTED with Specialized. This war veteran formed this bikeshop because he is suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, a common ailment that affects many war veterans. The bikeshop helps him relax. And along comes Specialized with their legal threats. Well, all I can say is, no more Specialized for me

Black Kuwahara KZ1 BMX bike

25/06/2013 2 comments

Back in the early 80s, when I was serious about BMX, Kuwahara BMX bikes were the way to go in Singapore. They were relatively inexpensive, and reeked of good quality, Japanese-made Tange steel. We all had our choice of colours back then. maybe it became like an extension of our personality. Me? I did not have a Kuwahara BMX bike till much later in 1984. But this black-coloured KZ1 model was the bike that I really lusted after. All my bike, if I had any say in it, were black…all stealth. My friend had a bike like this and I really wished that it belonged to me. I saw this posting on Ebay fairly recently and I would have bought it if the seller, who lives in the USA, was willing to ship it to Singapore. But then again, the terms and conditions of the sale stipulated that it was for sale only in the USA. Oh well, until then, I will carry on dreaming.

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Fixies @ Haji Lane

31/12/2012 Leave a comment

I was in this shop at Haji Lane in Singapore and I saw some of these fixies on sale. Nice looking bikes but the components were not exactly the best. The pink bike in this picture did not have cranks on them so I think that some customer comes into the shop, sees the crank and persuades the shop owner to sell it to him. Now there is nothing wrong with that but to sell a bike without its original stock crank will turn some buyers off. In any case, this is not a bike shop per se, but merely a shop that caters to the fixie market, in a bohemian place like Haji Lane. There are two “bike-shops” there…this is one of them.

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Dahon Speed UNO foldable bicycle

04/11/2012 2 comments

Can you believe it? Just when I had made up my mind to get myself a foldable bike, I find out that this model is not available in Singapore. I call up the local distributors here and they said that they did not have it and instead, they tried to fob me off with another bike with a dual clutch speed system. I was not interested at all and I am the kind that likes simple things. Bikes with brake cables and the like have never appealed to me at all. But then again, most bicycle distributors in Singapore are not known for bringing in bikes that do not appeal to the mass-market. To them, its all about the money, never the passion. I had this similar issue when I ordered my Haro, which was not available in Singapore. Fortunately, the Haro distributor was and still is a nice person and it was ordered for me.

So it looks like I have to call up the Dahon guys tomorrow to check it out.

That being said, I love this bike. Chromoly frame and with a coaster brake…lovely! There is another Dahon model similar to this but it comes with an aluminium frame and better wheels, according to the website. Oh well. Looks like I will have to put this foldie out of my mind for the time being…

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