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Zhongtai rotary-hammer drill

13/08/2017 Leave a comment

It is amazing, some of the stuff that is sold online. Take this Zhongtai rotary hammer drill here. Now take a look at an article I wrote on my Bosch rotary hammer drill I wrote some time back. Check out the picture in that blog post. They both look awfully similar right? That is where the similarity ends. My Made in Germany Bosch cost me more than $300 while this Zhongtai imitation costs only about $90. No prizes for guessing which country this drill came from.

But of you think about it this way, it might make sense. Say you are a casual labourer, or even a new house-owner who seeks to install say, some shelves or something. Which drill will you go for? Obviously the cheaper Zhongtai alternative. But of you are in construction…and you require a drill that wont let you down, by all means, go for the Bosch. It is a great deal and I personally would not pass it up, if I did not have my Bosch.


Bosch GLM 80 range finder

22/04/2017 Leave a comment

A few weeks back, while at a client’s place, I was pulling out my measuring tape to measure something, my friend reaches into his bag and pulls out this Bosch GLM 80 range finder. I thought it was pretty cool. This really will help when you want to measure high ceilings for example. I thought of getting one but then again, I thought to myself, how often will I use it? These are the specs of the unit:

  • Measures distance up to 265 ft. with up to 1/16″ accuracy
  • Built-in tilt sensor — calculates angle in two axis for more accurate measurements
  • Integrated lithium-ion battery — for up to 25,000 measurements per charge
  • Backlit display with tilt-screen technology — offers easy viewing in all directions
  • Min/max. measurement mode
  • Multi-surface area mode

I say again…a useful device to have but in my line of work, where I will be using it once in a blue moon, I will pass.

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Bosch GSR 1080-2-LI Professional

30/05/2016 Leave a comment

About a couple of weeks back, when I was stripping down a client’s system for relocation, one of my colleagues showed up with this new Bosch cordless screwdriver. Now I have always held Bosch products in high esteeem…my rotary hammer drill is one prime example, and this cordless screwdriver did not disappoint. Unlike the earlier version, this one came with two lithium-ion batteries and charger, and was powerful enough to do its work as a screwdriver, as well as some light drilling duties. I am weighing the option of getting something like this for my toolbox but I think that it will be wasted if I do. Still, it is something to think about and for $150, it is a good buy

Ikea Grundtal towel rack

24/07/2013 Leave a comment

I saw this Ikea Grundtal towel rack some time ago at an establishment that I was doing an installation at. So I was thinking to myself how useful it would be if I installed it outside the unit where I live. So the day before yesterday, I went down to Ikea at Alexandra Road and promptly bought it. Cost me about $30 and is made of stainless steel. It was relatively easy to set up and once I set it up, I tested it for flex and found out that it was very sturdy. Yesterday, with the help of my Bosch rotary-hammer drill, I drilled four holes outside the window-sill of my house and inserted four mounting plugs. It was a real bitch to mount this in the holes because the mounting plugs were almost the same size as the mounting holes on this Grundtal towel hanger. I had some problems with the screws of the mounting plugs retreating into the holes. A few times I had to hammer the bolts to make sure that they were perpendicular to the wall. But finally, after a lot of adjustments here and there, I finally mounted the thing. I am quite pleased with it. Now our bath towels can get an airing in the hot afternoon sun, and can be used to dry other clothes too!

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Bosch GBH 2-28 DFV Rotary Hammer drill

09/07/2013 8 comments

I bought this Bosch hammer drill yesterday. It was not cheap but then again, quality power-tools are never cheap. This sucker is made in Germany, unlike the other PRC-made ones that are rife in the market. You pay a premium for peace of mind I guess. In any case, this hammer drill has a chiselling function built-in. Now, I know for a fact that I am not turning into a stonemason anytime soon, nor will I ever take up ice-sculpting in my lifetime. What I will be using is the drill with the rotary hammer function and this drill is able to deliver all that and more.

These are the features of this baby:

  • Highest drilling rate and highest chiselling performance in its class
  • 25% longer lifetime than other rotary hammers in its class for more efficiency
  • 27% less vibration than the predecessor model due to active vibration damping
  • Quick-change chuck for fast changes between drilling with impact in concrete and drilling without impact in wood and metal
  • Rotation stop for chiselling
  • Ball grommet for preventing cable breaks
  • Rotating brush plate for equal power in forward and reverse rotation
  • Overload clutch to protect the user and the machine
  • Forward/reverse rotation for dislodging jammed drill bits
  • Continuously variable speed control for clean drilling starts

Plus, it came with a removable chuck that I can use for my old drill bits. Now that is a welcome relief because I have, over the years, invested in a lot of ordinary drill bits. With this interchangeable chuck, I can use them again. That aside, this drill comes with the SDS-plus chuck that allows you to use standard slotted drill bits. Other than that, this baby has a rated power output of 850 watts. At least by that I know I can drill into granite without the drill failing on me. Anything else can be seen on the Bosch website.

Am I glad I bought this rotary hammer drill? You betcha. I have to do an installation today. This baby is gonna hammer some holes!

Bosch GBH 2-26 DRE Professional rotary hammer drill

10/06/2013 Leave a comment

I was looking at getting this hammer drill to replace my old Black & Decker impact drill. I have nothing against the Black & Decker drill. It has been a good and loyal companion for years. However, there were some places where the drill had difficulty drilling through some pretty hard concrete walls and I was left literally hanging, having to borrow a contractor’s drill once. So after looking at the Bosch catalogue, I decided on this one, the GBH 2-26 DRE rotary hammer drill. The specs of this drill are:

  • Powerful 800-watt motor and impact force of 2.7 joules for a fast drilling rate
  • Rotation stop for chiselling
  • Impact stop for drilling in wood and steel
  • Easy-to-change toolholder
  • Ball grommet for preventing cable breaks
  • Softgrip on main handle and auxiliary handle for a secure hold
  • Overload clutch
  • Rotating brush plate (for equal power in forward and reverse rotation)

I do not need the chiselling feature built into this drill but I am pretty sure that there is a 2-26 model that comes without it…a lower-spec’ed model, if you wish. I was told by a knowledgeable friend to get one that is made in Germany as they tend to last longer. I may do just that once I do some more reasearch on the exact model to get but for now, this is the rotary hammer-drill I want to get