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Feast of The Ascension

10/05/2018 Leave a comment

Today marks the Catholic Feast Of The Ascension. We Catholics believe that this is the day when Jesus ascended into heaven. As this is a Day of Obligation, we have to go to church as it is compulsory. Looks like I will have to be attending the Mass in the morning before I go to work!


St Joseph’s Church in Victoria Street going through renovations

22/12/2017 Leave a comment

This iconic Catholic Church is going through a big renovation. As you can see from the picture, the paint has been stripped from the church and there are signs of wear. The tropics are not kind to buildings and it shows. I read somewhere that when they stripped the Church bare of its paint, they found out some of the sculptures were really magnificent in their detail. I love this church. It will be great to see it up again!

Today is Maundy Thursday

24/03/2016 Leave a comment

This is the day when we Catholics believe that Jesus had the last supper in the upper room, and it is also the day when he washes his disciples feet. I might be at work till pretty late but I will try to come to Mass. I always make it a point to do so. So if you can, try to make it to Mass. It is not a day of obligation but it would be nice to go

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The Catholic morning offering

28/09/2015 1 comment

Just yesterday, I was wondering about the morning offering that my secondary school director (mission schools have directors instead of principals) used to start every morning assembly with the morning offering. Now, I was trying to remember it so that I could say it in the mornings when I wake up. I found that I could recall some words for it…but not all. So I did a Google Search with those words and I came to a site that was put up by the Immaculate Conception Catholic Church, which is a Roman Catholic Church in the Diocese of Jefferson City. This website has a sub-page of prayers, one of which contains the morning offering that Brother Director used to make us recite in the mornings. The morning offering is written here but I will modify it a bit to reflect what was said back in te day, to the best of my memory:

O my Jesus, through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, I offer you my prayers, works, joys and sufferings of this day. As a reparation for my sins, the salvation of souls and all the intentions of your most Sacred Heart

I wrote in this blog so that I may refer to it in the future when I need it. Now I need to say it every morning. This will serve to remind me

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My view on what has been going on recently with same-sex marriage

29/06/2015 1 comment

There has been a lot going on in social media these past few days since that US Supreme Court Ruling of the 26th of June. I am a Catholic, and I hold my values very strongly. What has been happening in the USA is not something that I can agree on. People have their views and I have mine and these are mine, like what Pope Francis said. And that is all I am going to say on the matter.

The Portuguese Coat-Of-Arms at Saint Joseph’s Church

05/06/2015 Leave a comment

I was at St Joseph’s church a couple of weeks back for Sunday Mass and I decided to take a picture of this Portuguese coat-of-arms that is located at the front entrance of the Church. This church was built by the Portuguese Mission and it was only in 1999 it was handed over to the Archdiocese Of Singapore.

It’s a beautiful church. I was baptised in this church. I always feel so peaceful when I go for mass here on Sundays

All Saints Day 2014

01/11/2014 Leave a comment

A gentle reminder to fellow Catholics. Today is All Saints Day and is a day of obligation. Since it falls on a Saturday, there should be no reason for you all not to attend Mass. God bless you all.

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