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Manchester United – 2 Chelsea – 0

17/04/2017 Leave a comment

I can honestly that this was one of the best games United had against Chelsea. It was an excellent, all-round performance from Manchester United which gave us a comfortable win over the Chelsea. And, I might add,  we move back into fifth, while Chelsea stay four points ahead of Spurs at the top of the table. All I can say is, Senhor Mourinho had devised a tactical masterclass. First goal was attributed to Marcus Rashford. Marcus Rashford gave David Luiz and Gary Cahill the run of their lives, using his speed to their disadvantage. But if you thought Rashford was good, look at Ander Herrera. He was assigned an old-fashioned man-marking role on Eden Hazard. Several times, when he was not doing that, Jose kept calling out to him, reminding him of his duty to shadow Hazard. And shadow he did. Herrera stuck to Hazard  but he also weighed in with the second goal as well as setting up the first for Rashford. Truly deserving of Man Of The Match for me. Glory Glory Manchester United!!



Manchester United – 0 Chelsea – 0

29/12/2015 Leave a comment

I watched the match and our lads played with fire…attacking football all the way. There were some clear chances and both sides came really close to scoring, thanks to the great saves done by the two magnificent goalkeepers. That is the spirit Manchester United. Keep forging ahead!

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Jose Mourinho sacked as Chelsea manager

17/12/2015 Leave a comment

Chelsea have sacked manager Jose Mourinho seven months after he led them to the Premier League title. It was not a good run for him as manager of Chelsea as they have lost nine of their 16 league games so far. I think the final straw that broke the camel’s back was him saying that his players had “betrayed” him. Not a nice thing to say Jose. You will reap what you sow when you say things like that. And I think you just did.

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Manchester United – 1, Chelsea – 1

26/10/2014 Leave a comment

In a couple of hours, I am going to see my beloved Manchester United take on Chelsea. It is going to be a meeting of two juggernauts but it is also going to be a meeting of “pupil” Jose Mourinho and his “teacher” Louis Van Gaal. There have been lots of nay-says today. Just on Saturday morning, one of my friends, a Manchester United supporter no less, said that Chelsea will win. I told hom that I still believe in Manchester United and I believe that they will win. Oh well, we shall find out, and that right soon.

********** EDITOR’S NOTE **********

What a match it was. Drogba scored first, with a header into the goal from a corner. It was only in the dying minutes of the game when we had a corner and Robin Van Persie scored the equaliser. There were a few fantastic saves from both goalkeepers and for me, Man Of The Match should have been Fellaini. One point each and we live to tell the tale. Still, we kept Chelsea at arm’s length and that I am happy with

Manchester United vs Chelsea

27/08/2013 Leave a comment

In two hours from now, we will be facing Chelsea. It will be the first time the managers have faced each other as managers of new clubs: David Moyes for Manchester United and Jose Mourinho for Chelsea. It should be interesting to see how this breaks out. The game will be played at Old Trafford, giving us the home team advantage. I will update the final score later today when I get the final result. Glory Glory Manchester United!

********** Natch review **********

The final score was 0 – 0. Both Manchester United and Chelsea had to settle for a point. There were some close calls with Robin Van Persie almost scoring in the dying minutes of the game. Wayne Rooney played very well, which is one of the reasons why we still want to hold on to him. No yellow cards for Manchester United players but there were two for the Chelsea players. The most important thing is, we did not lose but in all honesty, we would have preferred a win

Chelsea vs Manchester United

01/04/2013 Leave a comment

This is the FA Cup Round 6 where Manchester United play Chelsea on Easter Monday at Stamford Bridge. Manchester United is going to this game less than 48 hours after meeting with Sunderland. Will have more information coming up after the match.

********** EDITOR’S NOTE **********

We were not the best and we lost 1 – 0 to Chelsea. That goal scored by Demba Ba was world-class and he deserves it. Clearly the better team won and we are out of the FA Cup. Oh well. Roll on Premier League!

Manchester United – 3, Chelsea – 2

29/10/2012 Leave a comment

I must admit, the score was wonderful and I did like the fact that we won at Stamford Ridge after 10 years. The own-goal scored by Chelsea’s Luiz (a very pinball-like goal) in the 4th minute was the doing of Robin Van Persie. The second goal scored by Robin van Persie gave us a 2 – 0 lead in the 12th minute, hardly 8 minutes later! But if we thought we were going to get away with a goal-less Chelsea in the first half, we were sadly mistaken. Juan Mata scored in the 44th and suddenly there was hope at Stamford Bridge! When the second-half started, Ramires scored a second goal and suddenly, the score was 2 – 2. But it did not end there. Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez scored a controversial goal, a goal that most people said was offside. Final result: 3 – 2 in Manchester United’s favour

Branislav Ivanovic was sent off, as was Fernando Torres for diving. What was interesting was that Chelsea were down to 9 men and Manchester United did not capitalise on that. Nobody like to see players sent off, granted and even Torres’s diving incident looked controversial because it looked like Jonny Evans brought him down. But the video playback showed him still running after being contacted by Evans and then suddenly fell, like an afterthought, near the Manchester United defence. So to me, I would consider that a dive.

A thrilling match. But though we won in the most acrimonious of circumstances, we did still win. Glory Glory Manchester United, we did it!

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