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Facebook Open Computer Project server

22/05/2017 Leave a comment

Some time back, in a previous post, I showed you the server used by Google, and how I was happy with the fact that they chose to use all off-the-shelf components in their servers. It is almost as if they were telling us that we could do it ourselves like them. Much time has passed since I wrote that old article. Check out the next generations of servers, this time used by Facebook. Many are adopting the OCP or Open Compute Project, using ODMs (Original Design Makers) to manufacture for them. Dell and HP have offerings that are not relevant to them. One example quoted was that the plastic bezel in front of HP’s and Dell’s offerings impede airflow and thus, are not very efficient.

I am excited for this. Looks like the way to go as far as servers are concerned. Looks like if push comes to shove, this might be a viable option.


Dell Inspiron 14 3462

17/04/2017 1 comment

I bought this new notebook for my wife. I ordered it online for what I thought was a great price. When ordering it, I requested that I would be willing to purchase the Dell OS restore CD (an optional extra) for it. I sent in my purchase on the website, everything was ordered and then I waited for this to be delivered. On the day it was delivered, I checked the contents of the package and lo and behold, the CD I ordered was not there. So I called up their support hotline, and was transferred to Dell Malaysia. That is when the nightmare started. I was shunted from department to department to department, waiting up to an hour on the phone. When I reached the final department, I was kept on hold and then unceremoniously cut off. So I sent a complaint email to the relevant department and after that, I started getting results. Someone actually called me back and I got someone promising me that they would send the OS recovery USB drive to my house. I said that I would pay for it because that is what I requested for in the first place but they said that they would waive off this charge as a gesture of goodwill.

Other than that, I love this laptop. I paid a good price for it and I was very happy for what I paid for. My wife is going to have this notebook installed with a new SSD drive and Windows 7. Let us see how that works out.

********** EDITOR’S NOTE **********

Well, here is the skinny. To install Windows 7, you have to change the boot from UEFI Secure Boot on to Legacy Secure Boot Off. After that, and after what took a long while, Windows 7 was able to boot from the Dell Windows 7 DVD. Notice I said DVD. That is because these idiots that made this computer have USB ports that seem to be having issues with USB drives. The issue becomes apparent when you boot up the the damn thing. Nothing can be used. Even the USB. So Dell lied to me…again…saying that Windows 7 can be used. Looks like I have to break out my Ubuntu Live DVD and try it that way.


New SSD drive for my Dell Inspiron N5050

01/03/2017 Leave a comment

About a week back, well slightly less than that in fact, I decided to change the hard drive on my Dell Inspiron laptop. This Dell Inspiron is getting old. It has been with me for a number of years and it has served its purpose very well. But the hard drive, which was a 320Gb Western Digital Blue, was starting to get slow. So I told myself…it is time I reloaded the operating system on this laptop as it has been about 4 years since it was re-loaded.

The first thing I did was to go to Sim Lim Tower to check out the prices of SSD drives. The results were not encouraging. The prices of SSD hard drives had ballooned. Remember I wrote a post about getting a SanDisk Plus SSD some time back? Well, that very same 240Gb hard drive that I bought for a steal for less than $100 now cost more than $100! And forget about the next step up, the SanDisk 480Gb drive that I saw was on sale for $179 some time back. It had now ballooned in price to $220! I really do not know what is causing the price to suddenly balloon. I suppose it could be something to do with demand out-stripping supply.

Anyhow, what I did was to get back home and then I remembered. Ever since I bought my MacBook Pro, my old Lenovo ThinkPad was not being used much. The reason it was not being used anymore is because the BIOS battery is shot and getting a replacement was not really something I wanted to get. So I told myself to use the old SSD hard drive that was in that Lenovo and load it into my old Dell.

Taking the Dell Inspiron apart was not that difficult, thanks in no small part to the various how-to videos on YouTube. After I switched the hard drives, I loaded Windows 7 Home Premium on it. That version of Windows came with my Dell laptop. After I installed the operating system, I installed the various drivers for it. I started to notice that the SSD was really causing my notebook to start and shutdown much, much quicker.

I must add that when I opened the casing, I decided to also change the BIOS battery with a new CR2032 lithium battery. That is when I faced an issue. The battery when it was removed from its receptacle, two tiny taps holding it in were broken. So what I did was to wedge in some bits of plastic and it worked a treat. Bloody Dell. I really hate booby traps like these!

So now this 5-year-old laptop has a new heart, a new 250Gb hard drive. I am very happy with it and my Dell Inspiron is more zippy now. It feels like I have been given a new laptop!

Goodbye Dell laptop power adapter

05/05/2016 Leave a comment

You have been a constant companion to me, and powered all of my Dell laptops, ever since  I bought you with my Vostro in November 2007. You have been keeping all the Dell laptops you powered up and ok with no issues at all. It is sad to let you go but after 9 years of faithful service, you decided to bow out, rather gracefully I might add. Thanks for being there. I just wish Dell made more adapters like you

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Dell LA90PS1 PA-10 90 watt power adapter

23/03/2016 Leave a comment

When I first bought my Dell Vostro laptop computer in 2007, I was at first complaining about the monster power supply that they have me for the laptop. Not only was it bigger than most of the laptop adapters I had seen, it was also pretty heavy and it was not fun to lug around a heavy backpack with this and the equally heavy Vostro laptop. But you know something? It must have been made of good stuff because today, almost 9 years later, the original Vostro laptop that it came with is dead but this adapter, it is still ticking AND it is providing power for my Dell Inspiron N5050 laptop too. Not only that, I think it is going to outlast this laptop as well.

I wonder. What is in this power supply that makes it so reliable all these years? I have no idea. maybe it is because it almost never gets switched off. maybe they are made of stronger materials inside like a proper transformer instead of a switch-mode power supply. I have no idea. All I know is, it is robust and has stood the test of time. Looks like when I get a new notebook, I will probably still be using this!

Oh. And if you are wondering about the power supply when I bought this Inspiron N5050? Well, it ha stayed in the laptop bag and only used when I bring this laptop offsite. Thanks Dell. Please make more great adapters like these will ya?

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The Dell Inspiron N5050 after 4 years

15/10/2015 Leave a comment

I bought this laptop computer for my wife in late 2011 because the laptop that she was using bit the dust. She is now or rather has now been using this laptop for almost 4 years and it is still going strong. She is happy with it, well, except for the Chinese program that works with her version of Microsoft Word. Other than that, she is happy with it, as I said. I did ask her if she wanted me to buy her a new laptop but she said that she does not need it. This is proof positive that Dell laptops are pretty long-lasting. I had my old Vostro for four-and-a-half years. That is proof positive!

Forgive the picture of this laptop. It is not the best picture I could have taken…I will admit. That hair on her laptop came from my two furry cats. Oh, and the keyboard? That is an external one as she loves external keyboards. Apparently, it is easier for her to type on

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Dell Optiplex 745

19/03/2014 Leave a comment

These past few weeks I have been maintaining these computers inside many an establishment. Unfortunately, these computers only support Windows XP and I am not too sure if it supports Windows 7, let alone Windows 8. But I like these desktops because they are built solid and from what I can see they can take a lot of punishment and look very reliable. I just wish that Dell was still making these computers. They have what I am looking at as far as Dell desktops go.

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