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Updated Serato DJ to version 1.9.10

17/02/2018 1 comment

I finally decided to upgrade my version of Serato DJ to version 1.9.10 and so far, so good. To be honest, there was nothing wrong with Serato DJ 1.9.6. I have been using Serato DJ 1.9.6 for quite some time, since May 2017 to be exact. It is just that after Serato DJ 1.9.6 there have been releases in which support and drivers have been added for newer hardware like the Roland DJ-202 and DJ-505 controllers, and also Denon’s new offerings. The last thing I want is when I go to a club, I plug in my Macbook and it doesn’t recognise the hardware there. Therefore an upgrade was necessary. There has been rumours of a new version of Serato named Serato DJ Pro in the works. I will try that out once it comes out.

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Serato DJ 1.9.10 is out

07/11/2017 Leave a comment

Ok guys and gals. Serato DJ 1.9.10 is finally out and this is an important release because it has support for OS High Sierra. There is also support for:

  • Mixars QUATTRO support
  • Denon SC5000 Prime OSA support
  • Denon X1800 Prime Club Kit support

So what are you waiting for? Download it now!

Denon DN-MC6000 does not work with Serato DJ

27/09/2016 Leave a comment

I have always liked this Denon DN-MC6000 and at one time I was seriously thinking of buying it. It oozes Denon quality, is made of metal and is just reliable. But here is the shocker…well…not really a shocker as I should have known better.

About three weeks ago I was doing a party. One of my co-DJs had an issue with the Serato SL4 box that he plugged into. So he borrows a controller that one of the other DJs was using. Imagine his horror when he found out that this controller could not be detected by Serato DJ! Apparently, the DN-MC6000 MK-II is compatible with Serato. The other co-DJ was running on VirtualDJ and this controller works just fine with that…not with Serato DJ unfortunately

So there you have it folks. I was also asked this question fairly recently about the younger brother of the DN-MC6000 which is the DN-MC3000. That does not work with Serato DJ either. There are lots of these controllers up for sale online. Just be forewarned that they do not work with Serato DJ.

Sennheiser HD 25 Aluminium headphones

26/08/2014 Leave a comment

I bought myself one of these lovely headphones from Sennheiser but I have yet to try them as I still am using my Denon headphones, which are in a very bad state of disrepair. I need to get those Denon’s repair and when they are being repaired, I can use the Sennheisers. But I cannot wait to break them in slowly. That is what you must do if you buy new headphones. Listen to them at varying degrees of loudness every week. It is the same for what I do when I buy new speakers. That being said, these are probably the best pair of headphones I am ever going to own and lots of aftermarket pads can be found.

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Stanton C.502 dual CD player

08/05/2013 Leave a comment

I have been thinking of getting a low-cost, dual CD player to use for events and this Stanton C.502 looks like an ideal player. It is an improvement over the earlier C.500, a model that was the target of many complaints about not being able to play MP3s, cannot read certain CDs and so forth. I have never tried a Stanton CD player to be honest. I have always used Denon CD players for my DJ’ing use. I still have a Denon DN-2000F that is about 20 years old and still going strong. This is going to be a new CD player to use for events but then again, lots of DJs use controllers now but there are still some who use Serato and Traktor boxes for their sets, playing time-coded CDs. According to Stanton:

The Stanton C.502 is an affordable dual CD player with full MP3 capabilities. From seamless looping to anti-shock buffer memory, the C.502 is fully equipped with large LCD screens for easy MP3 text information readability. Ideal for use in clubs, bars, restaurants, gyms, theme parks, radio stations, or anywhere a professional dual MP3 CD player is needed, the C.502 is designed with a familiar DJ friendly layout for ease-of-use.

The specifications, according to Stanton’s website:

  • Dual 2U rackmount CD player with MP3 playback
  • Large LCD screens with ID3 tags (MP3 text information)
  • Anti-shock Buffer Memory
  • Seamless Loop
  • +10/Folder track key makes finding tracks fast and easy
  • Fader Start to control play/cue functions from a compatible DJ mixer
  • Relay play automatically alternate tracks or entire CDs from one drive to the other
  • Instant Start
  • Auto cue function cues track to start of music
  • Single and Continuous play modes
  • Easy jogwheel control for cueing or pitch bending
  • Versatile pitch adjustment with +/- 4, 8 or 16% control
  • S/PDIF digital output
  • Connect control unit to the transport unit with only one control cable

So it looks like they have improved it from the C.500 that was being sold earlier. I am just hesitant because I do not know how this unit will respond to touring use. It will get pretty banged up when installed inside a flightcase. Well, I will have to get a CD player so I guess this might be the one.


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Denon DN-HC1000S Serato controller

08/12/2012 1 comment

Saw this in use in a club a few days back and I must admit that I was pretty intrigued with what it was. I mean, the DJ was running Serato Scratch Live but along with the Pioneer CD players and mixer, he also had this hooked up to his laptop. I was thinking to myself…is this a controller for Serato Scratch Live? I doubt so because as far as I know, there are no controllers for Serato Scratch Live. Then I find out that this is a sub-controller. According to Denon:

Controlling essential features via mouse or laptop keyboard can be a challenge. Especially considering the focused work environment. This is your moment to keep the dance floor moving and music pumping without room for error. Enter the DN-HC1000S from Denon DJ. Designed to interface and aid DVS systems (turntables / CD players) with today’s most popular DJ software program, Scratch Live, the DN-HC1000S provides DJs a comfortable plug and play, reliable hardware controller for all major features and commands of the Scratch Live software system.

So there you go. Its a sub-controller that will help to control the laptop. I just saw that it was plugged into the laptop with no cables coming out of it, other than the USB cable. It is something like a big, wired remote control. Specs of this unit are:

  • MIDI Sub Controller for SeratoTM Scratch Live
  • Simple USB Plug & Play Connection (USB MIDI / Bus power)
  • Dedicated Tactile Controls to Replace Computer Keyboard Shortcuts
  • High Quality Steel Cabinet with Rugged Rubber Keys
  • Serato Approved USB Controller
  • File Select Knob & buttons w/Back-Forward Action Keys
  • Track Select and Fast Search Buttons
  • SHIFT/CLR Button
  • 5 Cue Point and 3 Sampler Player Buttons
  • Auto Loop Button w/ Loop Cut Knob & Roll
  • Loop IN/OUT Button w/ Exit/Reloop
  • File, Browse, History, Prepare Keys
  • Tap Button
  • MIDI Mappable for other DJ Software Systems
  • 9.8” width X 3.4” depth
  • Under 3 lbs.

So there you go. Well, I learn new things everyday and this is one of those things I learnt about that day. Interesting it is indeed.

Denon DN-HP500 DJ headphones

29/10/2012 1 comment

Bought these headphones the other day because I was getting sick and tired of headphones that cannot stand up to DJ use. I do DJ sometimes and so far, I have been through two pairs of headphones. I had a pair of Panasonic RP-DJS200’s that bit the dust after barely a few months and I also had a pair of el-cheapo Realistic headphones that lasted me for many years but ultimately, could not stand up to the rigours of DJ duty. So I was stuck with using a pair of Philips SHP 1900 headphones which are still going strong! The only con is that it is too big for the bag I use to lug my DJ equipment around so something smaller and foldable was needed. These headphones from Denon were very affordable and they should last for a few years hopefully. The specifications are:

  • Type: Air tightness: closed dynamic
  • ±90 degree swivel mechanism
  • Folding design
  • Sturdy metal headband
  • Real stainless steel plate etched with Denon DJ Logo
  • Driver unit: phi 40mm neodymium magnet
  • Impedance: 40 ohms
  • Frequency response: 10 (target)-28kHz
  • Output (sensitivity): 103dB
  • Max Input Power: 1,300mW
  • Cord length: 3.9′

I still love those Philips headphones. They were inexpensive and did the job. If they were foldable like these Denon headphones are, I would still be using them!