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Electro-Voice KS115 15″ Klub speakers

16/01/2017 Leave a comment

I am not new to these EV Klub passive speakers actually. I have seen them used in many different places. I have also seen the EV Klub Series amplifiers used in events. What I do not know about these speakers is their schematics, something I am pretty particular about when I rent speakers. I do not know their wattage, I do not know how heavy they are. The reason I do not have any info is because I have yet to come across info on them. Information is very spotty in the least. I am sometimes even tempted to call these EV Klub series fake EVs because of the lack of info. But I have been led to believe that these are meant for the Asian market, for the Asian karaoke market to be more precise

In any case, I used these speakers for a wedding a month back. Not too bad, they held up well but I was afraid to push them. Other than that, they sounded pretty good and I dare say that for small events, they will do the job nicely.

********** EDITOR’S Note **********

I managed to get a screen shot from a PDF online after searching for them. Looks like they are similar in design and wattage to the Yamaha Club Series speakers. One plus I will give to them is the cabinet that is made out of plywood!


Electro-Voice DX38

08/09/2016 Leave a comment

Have you ever had clients that never switch off their systems and leave them on 24/7? Well, I had a classic case today. They decided to switch off their systems because they were doing some electric maintenance and when they did, they found out that their Electro-Voice DX38 speaker processors refuse to come on anymore. The display keeps flashing non stop and will not even come on. Looks like the unit has a problem booting up and I have been on every forum I can think of trying to find a remedy for this. Looks like I will try to replace the “kettle lead” or IEC plug that is powering this and hope for the best. In any case, this DX38 is old. Time for a replacement!

EV (Electro-Voice) Klub Series KSA-1200 power amplifier

03/12/2015 2 comments

I was using this amplifier at an event some time back. This power amplifier was used to power the sub-woofers. They were fed with audio from an Elecro-Voice DC-One processor. The thing that amazes me about this amplifier, other than the output power of 1200 watts into 8 ohms, is the fact that this EV Klub series is fairly hard to get. Apparently, they were made by Electro-Voice for the Asian region. In any case, I was talking about the power that this baby was able to put out and frankly, I actually felt the power of this when it was powering the sub-woofers. There were two subs per channel, which means that this thing was pushing a load of 4 ohms, and the rated wattage into 4 ohms is almost 2000 watts. The amplifier weighs almost 37 kilograms but I must admit, I love this amplifier. The fact that it powered those two subs effortlessly was well, nice!

You can get the specifications in this PDF located here. I must admit, I like this spite of its weight!

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Electro-Voice DC-One 2-in/6-out sound system processor

21/11/2015 1 comment

In the course of my work, and also in the course of my event life, I have come across these processors powering the speakers, especially Electro-Voice speakers that I use. I have been a fan of speaker processors for some time so it comes as no surprise that these are some of the processors that I like, apart from the Xilica that I wrote about some time back. I saw these DC-One processors controlling two pairs of ELX-115p powered speakers and from what I heard, they did a damn good job. This processor cannot be compared to the Xilica though. This processor has only 24 kHz sampling rates, versus the Xilica which has up to 96 kHz. Also it has only two inputs. But it has six outputs and all the presets for Electro-Voice speakers…of course. Some features of this processor are:

  • DC-One Editor software control via USB port
  • Analog or AES/EBU Inputs
  • Switchable -6 dB pre-A/D converter pad
  • 24-bit AD/DA conversion
  • 32-bit floating point internal processing
  • 111 dB dynamic range
  • Six predefined operation configurations
  • Contact closure interface for remote preset recall
  • 60 factory presets, 20 user presets
  • Unique edit/compare mode for audible parameter adjustment
  • Highly-customizable security settings

So it does the job…and very well in fact. I was quite happy with the sound. So if you run Electro-Voice speakers, it will be worthwhile for you to get these.

Electro-Voice ELX115p and the lack of power

18/06/2015 Leave a comment

I was demo-ing a couple of these speakers the other day at a venue that we were doing to hold an event in. The event was for a dance party and the event venue offered us the use of their Electro-Voice ELX115p powered speakers. I must admit that I was a tad bit disappointed with the sound. They sounded loud but they ran out of gas pretty quickly. I am surprised because I did use this at an event a couple of years back and they sounded ok but in this venue, they sounded pretty flat. I do not think they were spoilt because this venue uses this speakers for bands that play acoustic sets. But then again, this is the lowest of the Electro-Voice powered range so I suppose that is why they could not make it. I guess these are food only for roadshows and the like. For serious events, sorry. It just runs out of gas fairly quickly

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Electro-Voice ZX5-90 speakers

30/06/2014 1 comment

I was at an exhibition of sorts yesterday with my wife and I saw that the sound company had a couple of these Electro-Voice passive speakers set up on stands. Now from where I was, I found that these speakers did not sound good but I put that in to the fact that many a so-called “soundman” does not know certain fundamental things about EQ-ing a system. They were loud…I will give them that and they sounded pretty powerful. I went to the Electro-Voice website to check up on them (I had never heard of this model before or seen it with my own eyes, that is why) and these are the features of these speakers:

  • Versatile performance for mains, fills, or monitors
  • DVX3150A woofer with forced-air cooling
  • 2-inch ND2 titanium/neodymium HF driver
  • Switchable bi-amp or passive crossover operation
  • Choice of 90º x 50º or 60º x 60º coverage horn
  • High sensitivity, 132 dB maximum SPL
  • Power handling: 600 W continuous, 2400 W peak
  • High impact polypropylene enclosure
  • Wedge shape for monitors at 45º or 55º
  • Up to five anchor-plate attachments
  • M8 mounting inserts (10)
  • Integrated handle
  • Available in black or white

The ones I saw were the ZX5-90s so it makes perfect sense that the 90 refers to the horns that these particular ones had, i.e. 90 X 50 dispersion. These speakers come with a 15″ woofer and is made of composite material. I wonder if these things can really take 600 watts like what they say here. It could be just plain BS marketing. ut to be honest, they did look good and with better EQ-ing, they would sound pretty good.

Electro-Voice ZLX-12P powered speakers

21/01/2014 Leave a comment

I have to admit…I came upon these powered speakers pretty recently. From what I have read about them on the Internet, the reviews are pretty good. But then again, the reviews of its closest competitor, the Yamaha DXR12, are pretty good as well but in my opinion, I found the DXR12 needed some wanting as far as a better bass response was concerned. I will be honest…I have not heard these before, nor have I seen them sold in Singapore before so I cannot tell you how they sound. All I have are the specifications from the website:

  • 1000 W (Class D); 126 dB max SPL; 50 Hz – 20 kHz
  • 12” woofer and 1.5” high-frequency titanium compression driver
  • 34.3 lbs(15.6 kg)
  • LCD display and unique single-knob DSP control with presets – quickly optimize ZLX to suit your performance style and space
  • Input level meters and independent amplifier control- ensure optimal gain structure in seconds
  • EV-engineered components matched with a custom-built 1000-W Class-D amplifier for best-in-class sound
  • Lightweight, super-durable composite construction with unique hi/lo grip design for effortless pole mounting and portability
  • Patented split-baffle design for superior driver time alignment and enhanced sonic impact and intelligibility

Not too bad considering that it has a display panel with presets, versus the Yamaha DXR range that just has a contour button. Like I said, I have never heard it so I cannot comment but the favourable reviews on the Internet have given it a “must-have” rating