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Installation mess

30/08/2017 Leave a comment

A potential client calls me down to his office and tells me that his systems are having the hiccups. I went there to check it out and true enough…the touch-panel that controlled his room settings were not working. So I asked him where was the control processor. He opened a cabinet close to a wall in the reception area. I rebooted the processor and all was ok after that. But something else caught my eye…and that was the installation mes that I saw in the cabinet. I wonder if the installer had ever heard of racking systems, and also cable management. Because from what I could see, it was a mess. I told the client to give us a call if there was any issue in future

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Radio Design Labs TX-A2D balanced to unbalanced converter

22/06/2017 Leave a comment

I need something like this for my arsenal of audio tools. Like some time back, I had a request from a customer to record their AGM. I have a Behringer UCA-202 USB audio device but the inputs are unbalanced. So from the sound board, I take a balanced output and send send it to the Behringer. I can also take a feed from the headphone out but what if the console is far away?. I also have at my disposal an Extron BUC 102 but that one requires a power supply. This one does not. And it is pretty small…just like what audio tools should be.

Extron DA 6A audio distribution amplifier

27/05/2017 Leave a comment

I recently came into possession of this yesterday while digging through some spares that I had at work. Description-wise, this Extron DA 6A is a distribution amplifier for distributing stereo audio. It includes one input and six outputs on captive screw connectors for balanced/unbalanced stereo audio. This will be very useful for audio deployments for some of the parties and events that I supply audio equipment to. Just have to make some XLR connectors and I will be set!


Extron BUC 202

06/04/2017 Leave a comment

I have an old Extron BUC 102 and it is a great-sounding “DI box” for it’s use. This is the newer model that replaced it, the BUC 202. It has the same functions at the older BUC 101, which is to convert unbalanced audio to balanced audio and vice versa. The only difference is that this model has a built-in power supply whereas the older one needed an external Extron power supply. I suppose the only thing I like about these boxes are it’s versatility in converting balanced to unbalanced and vice versa.  For all other uses, an inexpensive, passive DI box will do the job just as well.

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Extron P/2 DA1 Peaker

26/02/2017 Leave a comment

We have all had that time when we have tried to connect our PC, especially a laptop, to a projector located quite far away. Or, we have a projector on the ceiling and the VGA cable is too long. When that happens, the picture that is finally being presented may not be the best of quality. So what do you use? You use this Extron P/2 DA1, aka The Peaker. What it is is actually a booster of sort, powered by the USB port on your laptop. It is relatively small so it fits nicely in your pocket. You connect one end to your laptop’s VGA socket and the other side to the VGA cable linking to the projector or display. This will help to transmit a beautiful picture. So get one now. You can pick them up pretty inexpensive on Ebay and the like. I have one and it works a treat!

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Extron DVI DA4 Plus distribution amplifier

02/02/2017 Leave a comment

One thing I love about these Extron distribution amplifiers is the fact that they are almost bulletproof. They last a long time and they are very trust worthy. Unfortunately, I could not say the same thing about this DVI DA4 Plus yesterday. The thing was dead. Now the first thing I do is to bring a spare Extron power supply in case the power supply powering DAs like this die. So I plugged in the spare Extron power supply and no dice. It just could not work. I suppose there are exceptions to the norm and not all of these DAs are born equal. Looks like I have to send this one in for repair and get a spare one to fix into my client’s place.

Extron MTP DA4

13/01/2017 Leave a comment

About a week back I had a client that had a problem with 4 of their display TVs. All of them were not showing anything at all. So as I went from TV to TV checking, I finally came across what caused the issue. It was this MTP DA4 distribution amplifier. The TVs were all hooked up like in the diagram below:

First of all, I did not know such a distribution amplifier for MTPs existed. Sure, I had envisioned them bt to actually see one in existence was pretty interesting and rather heartwarming. In my case, the place where this distribution amplifier was installed was full of dust. So after a detachment of the power cable, cleaning it and re-installing it, the DA started working again and all was well. Gotta love Extron and their reliable products!

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