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Surge pricing for taxis in Singapore

18/03/2017 Leave a comment

The powers-that-be approved the surge pricing model for taxis yesterday, trying to copy what Grabtaxi and Uber have been doing all this while. But I have my reservations about that. I remember every Friday, taxis would pick and choose customers. As I read in a report in TodayOnline:

With surge pricing, taxi drivers could spend less time plying the roads for customers and more time ferrying passengers matched to them through a mobile application. In contrast, the situation may be less rosy for commuters who are unwilling or unable to pay higher fares, as they could face the possible scenario of being ignored on the streets during peak hours, transport analysts said on Friday

I knew something like this would occur. That is why I was very happy when Grab and Uber came on the market. It gave those conniving taxi drivers a run for their money. And now those taxi fellas want to implement surge pricing because their livelihoods were threatened by ride-hailing apps. Well done you bunch of idiots. Well done.


God bless you David Ang Zhi Hao

04/02/2016 Leave a comment

There are some people who have hearts of gold. According to Mohamed Shahreza:

Today we had to rush our boy to KK due to high fever, and came this kind soul from Grab whom patiently brought us to our destination safely.

We were so touched by his care and concern about our son throughout the journey. Were really grateful for his high sense of morality. Reached KK and he quickly opened the door for my son and wife, and what really surprised us that he don’t want to accept the fare. We then insist so much as he is making a living and we can afford it, but he just declined even more. He left with saying “Treat this as an angbao for your baby, and may he get well soon with great health.”

At this point, We were speechless and couldn’t thank him more. (Okay we felt like crying… seriously)

In today’s world we do still see good people around us and we are blessed to have him in this small part of our life. The amount may not be much but His little action is far greater in our hearts. This is something which we ourselves are lacking and we should learn from in the act of giving.

So to Grabcar driver David Ang SCJ59T may God bless you always.